Nordstrom Anniversary Highlights

Nordstrom’s anniversary sale officially begins July 20th (and ends on Sunday, August 5th, at midnight, Pacific Time). In the cosmetics department, this annual bonanza means special sets, jumbo sizes, and exclusive products. There’s a bunch of stuff out there (click here to browse the whole cosmetics offering online), but I just wanted to highlight a few of the things I am most excited about.

First of all, I LOVE the Picasso-esque images Julie Verhoeven created for MAC’s anniversary collection. I had visions of bedecking myself (sheets, shower curtain, umbrella, and a tote bag) with this fantastic print. These kits (lip bags, brush sets, the palettes) are exclusive to Nordstrom, but there will be a second way to buy the art. In mid-August, MAC will release a small collection of makeup bags (available only online and in freestanding MAC stores). That collection is called Illustrated, and it features the work of Ms. Verhoeven and two other artists (François Berthoud, Nikki Farquharson).

Anniversary is also one of two times of year that MAC offers brush sets (the other is holiday. Of course).
MAC, Nordstrom Anniversary, Julie Verhoeven
NARS also has two pretty sweet deals on the table. The first option is their “Love Rite” set ($55). It includes eyeshadow trio Calanque (swatched here), Orgasm Illuminator (swatched here), and cult favorite lipglosses in Turkish Delight and Greek Holiday. The Illuminator and lipglosses are “deluxe” sized (I believe they’re half of full size). I’m just pleased to have a second shot at Calanque — it was $45 by itself.

The second option is a blush palette containing Albatross, Gaiety, Luster, LagunaOrgasm, and Angelika. It’s $65. Individually, NARS blushes are $28.
Nordstrom Anniversary, NARS
Last (but by no means least), I’ve been swatching a lot of Burberry lately, and the more I swatch, the more obsessed I become with this brand. If you’ve been thinking about making a purchase, this is the time.

I think gifts vary by counter, but at Northpark in Dallas, the basic gift (with $125 purchase) is a mini Lip Cover lipstick in #04 Rosewood, a deluxe mini of Burberry Body, and an adorable double-mirror compact (same packaging as the eyeshadow).

If you step up to $250, they’ll throw in plenty more: a mini buffer brush, another mini Lip Cover in #03 Cameo Pink, a mini Lip Mist lipstick in #202 Copper, and a ton of samples. Christopher and Jazz are both SO nice. I know they’ll take care of you, so if you want to place your order with them, their number is 214-231-3900 (and of course, shipping is free).

Nordstrom Anniversary, Burberry gift
What are you most excited about from this year’s sale? (Beauty or other departments.)

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8 Responses to “Nordstrom Anniversary Highlights”

  • Lesley says:

    Jaz was awesome!!! I was there to try the Peony blush, but she ended up doing my whole face (: She persuaded me to try the e/s in Khaki, which I would’ve never bought in a million years!! Got Peony blush, Khaki e/s and concealer. My hubby shook his head.

  • Valerie says:

    I was surprised how fast some items sold out online! It seemed like things hung around a lot longer last year, although it also seemed like there were many more offerings last year too. I have also been experiencing problems with their site this year! All I ordered so far was Estee Lauder (Double Wear Lesson Kit) because I thought they had an exceptional GWP! :) I am still comtemplating a few other things, like Jo Malone- anything you can tell me about the line? Also, do you have a phone number and particular favorite salesperson at your Nordstrom in case I experience more online troubles? (There is not one Nordstrom in my state)! Thanks!

  • Luka says:

    I felt the clothing this year was better but the cosmetics weren’t as good. There was nothing that tempted me.

  • PJ says:

    I grabbed the Bobbi Brown exclusive and the Laura Mercier makeup exclusive, and Dior Shadow and Poison polishes. Love all my purchases (from my fave brands) It feels like Christmas!

  • PJ says:

    I totally agree that some of the clothing and accessories sold out much too quickly this year! That Kors pewter tote I wanted was the one that got away! The $245 I saved has already been spent elsewhere!

  • Louisa says:

    They have a wonderful exclusive on 3Lab. For $215 it includes a full size M Cream (reg $260), deluxe sample eye cream, plus many more samples of WW Cream, etc.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Valerie, of course (my pleasure). The phone number for Northpark is 214-231-3900, and I recommend Meredith (she’s a “beauty adviser” so she doesn’t work for any one counter, plus she’s a pro at the long-distance shipping), Christopher or Jaz at Burberry, Brittany at MAC, Aaron at NARS, and Armando at YSL.

    I’m not a huge fan of Jo Malone (but fragrance is a fickle thing, and you can be best friends with someone and not like the same perfume). The brand’s “thing” is that their stuff is lightweight and layerable, so you create your own custom cocktail. I haven’t smelled anything I just love from them, and I don’t like the way they disappear. I generally prefer EDPs to EDTs or colognes, because I want one spray in the morning to carry me through the day.

    Luka, I’m with you. I found myself browsing well beyond the cosmetics department (jewelry, accessories, clothing, shoes…).

    PJ, I’m so sorry (but it sounds like you still did well). Maybe in a couple of weeks a pewter tote will leap off the display at Nordstrom Rack and into your arms.

  • Valerie says:

    Thanks for the tips and info!

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