Guest Swatcher: MAC Fashion Sets

This week of MAC goodness comes courtesy of professional makeup artist (and fellow blogger) Lauren Clark. Lauren does it all: excellent swatches, glamorous “face of the day” photos, makeup lessons — on top of her lengthy list of commercial and private clients. 

MAC Fashion Sets 2013As our mothers keep telling us (and as we realize for ourselves by the age of 25), everything in fashion comes around again. So after years of turning up our noses at anything “matchy-matchy,” it’s no surprise that color-coordination is back. I think I felt the tremors during the first season of Mad Men.

MAC has explored this idea before, in last year’s lipstick/lipgloss/nails Fashion Sets (and before that in a 2010 post-holiday collection called Stylishly Yours).

For 2013, Fashion Sets carries the idea to its logical extreme, with coordinating lipstick ($15), gloss ($15), lip pencil ($15), polish ($16), and eyeshadow ($15). Lauren has graciously swatched the pencils, lipsticks, and glosses.

Embrace Me lipliner previously appeared in Tour de Fabulous and Iris Apfel (concurrently). Heroine lipstick (matte) previously appeared in Reel Sexy (and should not be confused with Heroine the Frost, from Wonder Woman).

All four lipsticks are Matte formula.
MAC, Fashion Sets, 2013, swatches, lipstick, lipgloss, Lipglass, lip liner, lip pencil, lipliner, Embrace Me, Heroine, Silly, Ablaze
Lauren was also kind enough to take a few comparison photos:
MAC, lipstick swatches, Embrace Me, Girl About Town, Pink Pigeon, Quick Sizzle, Show Orchid
MAC, lipstick swatches, Heroine, Seductive Intent, Rebel, Strong Woman, Violetta
MAC, lipstick swatches, Silly, Saint Germain, Chatterbox, Viva Glam Nicki
MAC, lipstick swatches, Ablaze, Sail la Vie, Hibiscus, Flamingo, Vegas Volt, Watch Me Simmer
MAC, lipliner swatches, Embrace Me, Trimmed in Pink, Cranapple, Process Magenta, More to Love
MAC, lipliner swatches, Magenta, Heroine, Grape
MAC, lipliner swatches, Silly, Cranberry, In Anticipation, Make Up For Ever, MUFE, 15c
MAC, lipliner swatches, Ablaze, Lasting Sensation, Temperature Rising
Fashion Sets are available — with free shipping at any price — from Nordstromicon and, no code required. But given how MAC tends to sell out, you may have to turn to Macy’sicon or Dillards (free shipping at $50).

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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: MAC Fashion Sets”

  • blusherine says:

    Thank you very much for the swatches, especially the comparison swatches, they are so helpful!

  • Anhy says:

    Great swatches and the comparisons are very helpful! Thank you! Can’t wait to get them ^^

  • Hafsa says:

    U R lucky to have all these pretty colors of Mac lipsticks …v.great swatches

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