In addition to their spring collection (Pink Light), Armani has released ten new shades (and two repromotes from    >>

Armani, spring 2009, Pink Light, promo

Armani's spring collection is called Pink Light, and it aims to convey "radiant pink, luminous nude, and subtle    >>

When I first swatched Armani's Smooth Silk pencil liners (single swipe, back of my hand), I had a    >>

For those of you who have been so patiently waiting while I got sidetracked with the first spring    >>

I hate to think that I left someone hanging, waiting to see some higher number of ArmaniSilk lipstick,    >>

"Sheer" is a relative term when you're describing ArmaniSilk lipsticks — though today's swatches include a lot of    >>

Continuing through the multi-hued (and many finishes of) ArmaniSilk lipsticks, it certainly doesn't feel like they've left any    >>

Some time ago, I received a request for Armani lipsticks — I swatched the Sheers and the Shines,    >>

Armani Lip Wax ($26) is potted lip product somewhere between a balm and a stain. The sales associate    >>

Armani Shine Lipstick is $25. Armani's other lipstick formulas are Sheer and Silk; the Mania formula is being    >>

Armani Sheer lipsticks (also called Sheer/Transparent, not to be confused with Shine or Silk lipsticks) are $25 each.    >>

Armani Fluid Sheers come in a 1 oz. (30 ml), pump-top bottle, and cost $55.My take on the    >>


In addition to the Face Fabric swatches, these may help. I think the reason for the shade overlaps    >>

Giorgio Armani cosmetics released Face Fabric, the lightweight, sheer foundation that thinks its a tinted moisturizer, in the    >>