Bobbi Brown

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Having completed Bobbi Brown's blushes, I decided it was high time I systematically swatched Bobbi Brown's eyeshadows. I    >>

Bobbi Brown, Denim and Rose

Ooh, my Neiman Marcus counter got their fall collection in early (to compete with the Nordstrom-exclusive Chocolate &    >>

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Now that all of Bobbi's blushes are swatched, I've collected them into one convenient recap. At this time,    >>

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Last week we looked at Bobbi Brown's line of regular pressed powder blushes; today we'll complete the collection    >>

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Today's post concludes Bobbi Brown's current line of "regular" powder blushes.  Next week I'll show you the shimmer    >>

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Today I have for you the second "arm" of Bobbi Brown's fantastic selection of permanent powder blushes. This    >>

Bobbi Brown, blush, swatches, Sand Pink, Tawny, Rose

Swatching Bobbi Brown's Beach collection brought in a slew of email requests for swatches of the brand's permanent    >>

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Summer is here, and with it, fantasies of beach vacations. And on Bobbi Brown counters right now: Bobbi's    >>

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There are lipsticks that are comfortable to wear, and there are lipsticks that are uncomfortable to wear (drying,    >>

Bobbi Brown, foundation guide

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Bobbi Brown foundation formula guide and shade guide    >>

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Bobbi Brown, paletteer extraordinaire, has just released a collection called Color Strips: three travel-friendly palettes with eyeshadow, lip/cheek    >>

Bobbi Brown, Cabana Coral, display

Bobbi Brown's spring coral collection is now at counters everywhere (though the palette you see in this display    >>

Bobbi Brown, Cabana Coral, palette

While Bobbi Brown's Cabana Coral collection is available at counters everywhere, one item — the Coral Lip and    >>

We've looked at a few parts of Bobbi Brown's holiday collection already: the Earth Metal Palette, the Chrome    >>

Bobbi Brown, Holiday, Chrome, display

Holiday through Bobbi Brown's eyes sure is pretty (and the model shot is one of my favorites in    >>