Dior, holiday, 2009, Cristal Boreale, Smoky Crystal, quint

Dior Holiday is arriving at counters, and (as usual for Dior), it is a large and complicated collection,    >>

Dior, Serum de Rouge

Dior just released a new lipstick formula: Serum de Rouge ($32). It comes in a long, pen-style tube,    >>

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Dior has introduced a new formula of eyeshadow singles with "maximum color payoff and extreme hold in just    >>

Dior, fall, Night Butterfly, quint

Bit by bit, Dior's fall collection is arriving at makeup counters — and proving me wrong yet again    >>

Dior, Addict, lipstick

If you were waiting for the high-pigment shades of Dior Addict lipstick, today is your day. Dior Addict    >>

Dior, Addict, lipstick

It's day 2 of Dior's 25 new shades of Dior Addict Lipcolor — a new formula of lipstick    >>

Dior, Addict, lipstick

Dior recently added a new lipstick to the fold. It's a little confusing, because Dior has had a    >>

Dior, designer, architect, quint, palette, eyeshadow

Dior is pushing the envelope on one of their most beloved products with the release of limited edition    >>

Dior's summer releases have been extremely confusing, but my friend and fellow blogger Lina was kind enough to    >>

Dior Spring has arrived at the many counters, though sales associates are telling me it may not be    >>

Two more quints to add to the swatch archives! These things are like Pokemon. (I "gotta catch 'em    >>

I've received several letters from Beige Massai lovers about my neglect of their favorite palette... So I'm trying    >>

By very special request, I've got a few more Dior quint swatches for you today. Neither Night Dust    >>

Well it's the eve of Sephora's Friends and Family Sale, and I'm sure many a shopping decision is    >>

Makeup junkies could easily join the cult of the Dior Quint: the powders are smooth and pigmented —    >>