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NARS week is drawing to a close, and today's cream blushes were so bright, I decided to forego    >>

Today: a first look at NARS' cream blushes. I talked at length with the makeup artist at this    >>

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NARS week continues! Today's blushes are cool pinks... and then there's Exhibit A, a fiery orange-red. Desire is    >>

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Happy Friday, readers! NARS week will continue into next week*, with one more day of powder blushes and    >>

After all those corals, I'm sure you're ready for some cool blushes. I think one of the common    >>

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NARS week (and a half) continues with the peach-orange-apricot blushes! It will probably be easier for darker skintones    >>

NARS products in general have a reputation for being pigmented, and in the case of your blush, that    >>

I am very proud to welcome you to NARS week (and a half)! I've received a ton of    >>

Sparkly deep blue must be the color of the season, because I feel like I'm seeing one in    >>

We all want a little flash and dazzle for the holidays, and makeup companies are happy to oblige.    >>