Armani's Spring 2011 Collection Click to subscribe to my YouTube channel.     >>

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Guerlain isn't the only company celebrating their origins this spring. Dior's spring collection is called Gris (Grey) Montaigne,    >>

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I was going to sneak-peek Armani's spring collection on Friday afternoon... but then I heard my counter had    >>


You may not know that I have a YouTube channel (click to subscribe). I used to make swatch    >>

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Mickey Contractor has been a Bollywood makeup artist for 32 years, and for the last six, he's been    >>

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I was very excited to see the Estee Lauder spring display at my counter last weekend. The only    >>

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Found my first real "spring" collection at the mall this past weekend! I think people have been excited    >>

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Several of you asked about I Get No Kick, the new pearly pink-gold kohl pencil released with Cham    >>

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I have got a GREAT drugstore find for you today, readers. As part of their "Shimmer Strips" collection, Physicians    >>

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If you look at Cham Pale swatches and think, "I need more color," don't worry! MAC has something    >>

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With Christmas safely behind us (well, practically), it's time to turn to the post-holiday collections. MAC has three    >>

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One of my favorite sales associates (who doesn't work for Shiseido) saw me swatching Shiseido's new eyeshadow trios    >>

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I've gotten some requests for swatches of some VERY high end brands, so I'm trying to work them    >>

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Just a few more bundled items in MAC's holiday collection: the Lip Bags, the Lash and Line Bags,    >>

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For your viewing pleasure, today I have swatches of the "loose" (non-paletted, non-bundled) items in MAC's Tartan Tale    >>