Zoya, Fire and Ice, swatches, Tiffany, Gloria, Crystal, Lisa, Sarah, Valerie

Zoya's Fire and Ice collection is here: six sparkly shades which are absolutely dazzling in sunlight (click here    >>

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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (if you don't know them already) is an artistry brand with a passion for color    >>

SpaRitual, Yes I Can, swatches

We've all been seduced by a promo photo before. In this case, it was SpaRitual's Yes I Can    >>

SpaRitual, Spread Your Wings, swatches

Another stunning creme polish from SpaRitual's Believe collection: Spread Your Wings. Spread Your Wings is apple red in    >>

SpaRitual, Shoot for the Stars, swatches

SpaRitual's lustworthy spring collection is called Believe — and I do! The collection includes six shades: Yes, I    >>


Guilty as charged, readers: I do have predictable tastes in nail polish. But if you're not already familiar    >>

Nubar, Risque Reds, swatches,

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Nubar is doing a today-only sale code (expires at midnight, eastern time):    >>

Nubar, Fortress, swatches, Marble Tower, Citadel, Barricade, Palisade, Stronghold, Black Sword, Dark Castle, Knight

I must confess: this nail polish collection confuses me. The shades are chic, definitely on-trend — but would    >>

Nubar, Meadow Sparkles

I couldn't wait to show you the Nubar glitters in action. This is Meadow Sparkles — blingtastic.  I    >>

Nubar, swatches, Star Sparkles, Fire Sparkles, Night Sparkles, Sky Sparkles, Meadow Sparkles, Violet Sparkles, Hyacinth Sparkles, Petunia Sparkles

You remember that old Saturday Night Live sketch, where Antonio Banderas has his own... how you say? Ah    >>

Nubar, Prism Collection, swatches, Prize, Essence, Gem, Jewel, Spark, Absolute, Treasure, Brilliance

I have two favorite kinds of nail polish: holographic (holos) and ultra shiny cremes (though with the right    >>

Nubar, Royal Gems, swatches, 24K, Ruby, Tiger

Nail polish is a cruel mistress. With limited edition collections, you really have to stay on the ball    >>