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I wanted to make my MAC pigment swatches easier to find/browse, so I'm combining them into a recap.    >>

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For easy future reference, here is a roundup of all the MAC lipstick swatches together. This post will    >>


Parabens have been a hot topic lately, as more and more brands announce that their products are paraben-free.Why    >>

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My email subscribers, I apologize for the Saturday mail (but I know next week we'll want to launch    >>

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Alright, ladies and gents. For easy future reference, here is the entire range of NYX powder blushes. The    >>

Acne. Bane of our existence. Why does it happen? Well, skin has little glands, which produce natural oils    >>

There's a large portion of the makeup-loving population (myself included) that loses all reason at the mention of    >>

One of the problems I have with shopping for brushes online is that the products are always shot    >>

Here they are all together, the Stila eyeshadow family! Stila eyeshadows are extremely soft, making them a delight    >>

For ease of reference and comparison, I put all the Rock & Republic eyeshadow swatches into one post.    >>

Well that's all folks! I'm making today a NARS blush recap, partly so I can put just one    >>

I thought it would make life easier if I put all the MAC eyeshadows in one post, both    >>


From MAC's shade guide: If your skin looks more Golden Beige, you match with Neutral Cool or NC    >>

MAC was really my gateway to learning about makeup, and, (as always happens) I felt that what I    >>