Laura Mercier

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Laura Mercier just added a new eyeshadow base to her lineup: the potted Eye Canvas. Eye Canvas is    >>

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Laura Mercier has a little lips-and-nails collection out on counters right now — one of those smaller releases    >>

Laura Mercier, Portfolio, inside, interior

Laura Mercier has created something a little unusual, highly covetable, and limited edition: a travel "portfolio." This sturdy    >>

Laura Mercier, spring 2012, Lingerie collection promo

So what is the gorgeous model in Laura Mercier's spring 2012 Lingerie photo wearing? According to the company:    >>

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Laura Mercier's spring collection appeared on counter, and the promo photo on the display literally stopped me in    >>

Shiseido, Ultimate Cleansing Oil

I’ve been smearing makeup on my arm (and cleaning it off) for about 3.5 years now. As a    >>

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I got the chance to swatch Laura Mercier's holiday collection, Moonlight. The color story is definitely non-traditional for    >>

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Neiman Marcus has an exclusive Laura Mercier set for their beauty week event: Smoky Plums Colour & Brush    >>

Laura Mercier, Smoky Eye Collection, promo

What are the models wearing in Laura Mercier's Smoky Eye Collection promo image? Excellent question, and I actually    >>

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Like Chanel, Laura Mercier also has a "Fall 2" collection: Smoky Eye (click here to revisit "Fall 1,"    >>

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From the moment I swatched Laura Mercier's set for Nordstrom Anniversary, I thought, "this is the sleeper hit    >>

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I spotted Laura Mercier's fall collection on the counter this past weekend, and the first thing I noticed    >>

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Cake eyeliner is a dry, pressed (cake of) powder. To use it correctly, you dampen your eyeshadow brush    >>

Laura Mercier, Full Blown Volume Mascara

About the same time Laura Mercier came out with her new Creme Smooth Foundation, she also released a    >>

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Laura Mercier has a new foundation out, and a lot of you asked to see swatches of it    >>