Laura Mercier

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Laura Mercier has a totally fantastic new set out. It's called the Fall Favorites Palette collection, and includes    >>

Laura Mercier, Mystique, swatches, City Pink, Lotus Pink, Sterling, Violetta

Tremendous thanks to the lovely Katie from My Lips But Better. She checked out Laura Mercier's latest collection, Mystique, and    >>

Laura Mercier, Sundrenched Collection, swatches,

Huge thanks to the tireless Katie of My Lips But Better — you may remember her previous guest    >>

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Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer (my current foundation), is the fullest coverage tinted moisturizer I know. I checked my    >>

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I've got one more piece of the Laura Mercier holiday puzzle for you. We previously looked at Laura's    >>

Laura Mercier, Club Couture, promo

Laura Mercier's holiday offering this year is... complicated to say the least. The holiday collection (Club Couture) itself    >>

Laura Mercier, cake liner, eyeliner, Emerald Green, Bleu Marine, Mahogany Brown, Black Ebony, swatches

I know several of you mourned the demise of Laura Mercier's Emerald Green cake liner... now that you've    >>

Laura Mercier, Scarlet Passion, promo

Laura Mercier's fall collection is called Scarlet Passion, a sexy, lip-focused collection (for those of us not planning    >>

Laura Mercier, Fresco

Laura Mercier has a new collection out, called Fresco. Like several makeup artists, Laura was a painter before    >>

Laura Mercier, Second Skin, Cheek Colour, Cheek Color, blush

Yesterday we started looking at Laura Mercier's Second Skin Cheek Colour. In March of this year, Laura reformulated    >>

Laura Mercier, Second Skin, Cheek Colour, Cheek Color, blush

This past spring, Laura Mercier discontinued her blushes (Cheek Colour), and replaced them with a new formula, Second    >>

The promo picture for Laura Mercier's Bohemia collection says it all: sultry, bronzy, sexy. (The geographer in me    >>

I can't speak for the rest of the world, but as temperatures rise and spring melts into summer,    >>

By special request from a reader in Belgium, today we're taking a look at Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage    >>

I mentioned my affection for Laura Mercier Lipstains when I swatched her Gilded Garden collection. These aren't lipstains    >>