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When you're placing an order online, you want as much information as humanly possible about your intended purchase.    >>

RnR blush 3 (Medium)

These are the last four Rock & Republic blushes, and woah, momma! are they bright. All are matte:    >>

Welcome to day 2 of the Rock & Republic powder blushes! These pigmented beauties come in the same    >>

RnR blush 1 (Medium)

We recently took a look at the eyeshadow offerings of luxury rockstar brand Rock & Republic, and I    >>

For ease of reference and comparison, I put all the Rock & Republic eyeshadow swatches into one post.    >>

Today we have the last eight of Rock & Republic's new eyeshadows. I can't help thinking of these    >>

Today, Rock & Republic love shades! Do stay tuned: I've got one more arm's worth for you, which    >>

Today, the blues! I admit, I wouldn't know how to use these shades to their best advantage, but    >>

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Welcome to day 2 of Rock & Republic Week, as we go through the line's 48 eyeshadows. Yesterday    >>


Poking around on the internet this morning, I found the following offer from Neiman Marcus:Receive this complimentary full-size    >>

Luxury rockstar brand Rock & Republic Cosmetics sprang into this world like Athena — fully realized, a complete    >>