Sleek, Sparkle, holiday 2010

Huge thanks to total all-star Nicole (the blogger behind Beauty-Free, which tracks Duty-Free beauty finds). English brand Sleek continues    >>

Sleek Curacao palette

Hello, readers! I'm very pleased (chuffed?) to be able to share with you another installment of Sleek palette    >>

Sleek, iDivine, palette, swatches, Jewels

I have a whole slew of Sleek Palette swatches to show you (graciously provided by Becca of Subtle Like    >>

Sleek, Pout Polish, swatches, Raspberry Souffle, Lemon Meringue, Electro Shock, Pink Cadillac

Tremendous thanks to the amazing Becca of Subtle Like a Tank (definitely check out her blog — unlike    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Acid, palette, swatches

Several of you yesterday said, "but what about the Sleek Acid palette?" Ha! Nicole of Beauty-Free is one step    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Original, palette, swatches

Many thanks to the fabulous Nicole of Beauty-Free (a blog that tracks duty-free beauty exclusives). She's been diligently reporting    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Bohemian, palette, swatches

We're developing quite the catalog of Sleek swatches, thanks to the tireless help of some very gracious guest    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Curious, palette, swatches

One more Sleek guest-swatch from the amazing Nicole of Beauty-Free (a blog that tracks duty-free beauty exclusives in airports    >>

Sleek, Safari, iDivine, palette, swatches

One more piece of the Sleek-palette story, brought to you by Nicole of Beauty-Free (a blog that tracks    >>

Sleek, Sunset, palette, swatches, iDivine

Since we're giving away Sleek palettes this week, I'm sure you guys would love to know what the    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Storm, palette, swatches

The next of the Sleek palettes is Storm, and this one's part of the permanent collection. Many thanks    >>

Sleek, iDivine, Graphite, palette, swatches

Readers, I am totally thrilled to bring you an amazing guest-swatch series from England: Sleek iDivine palettes. These    >>