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I've never really harbored longstanding crushes on movie stars. I don't swoon for musicians. But, it seems, I    >>

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Chantecaille has a new spring collection out. Their theme (and charity) this time is Coral Reefs — so    >>

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I have a Pavlovian response to the release of a new Chantecaille palette. They've just trained me, with    >>

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Images of Chantecaille's Sea Turtle palette (the latest in their philanthropic palette series) leaked online long before product    >>

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Two more new products you'll find at your Chantecaille counter these days: a new formula of lipstick (Hydra    >>

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I recently had my first ever macaron in New York. It was carmel-and-sea-salt flavored and it was delicious.    >>

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Readers, I finally saw Chantecaille's fall collection in person and it is lovely (oh why did I think    >>

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I fell in love with everything I swatched last weekend, and I think it's because I started with    >>

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Chantecaille's holiday color collection is surprisingly... well edited this year. It includes just three limited edition rose compacts:    >>

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Yesterday we started discussing Chantecaille's powder blush. Today I have for you the other five shades currently available.    >>

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Dallas is having the rainiest fall I can remember, but that does present a good opportunity to catch    >>

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Chantecaille has four foundations, in varying levels of coverage: Just Skin (tinted moisturizer in an airtight tube, though    >>

Chantecaille, Sylvie, Personal Palette

Two weeks ago, we looked at Chantecaille's new fall items, but at that time, perhaps the most important    >>

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Today's post is a little bit higglety-pigglety, because Chantecaille's fall collection is a little all over the place.    >>

As promised, today I have a few (but by no means all) of the recently discontinued Chantecaille eyeshadow    >>