Chantecaille Les Macarons Palette

macaronsI recently had my first ever macaron in New York. It was carmel-and-sea-salt flavored and it was delicious.

As a result, Chantecaille’s new face palette makes me a little hungry.

Les Macarons is a funny palette. I turned it over, but the back label offers no explanation of the contents.

So I swatched the first three powders with my sponge-tipped eyeshadow applicators, then commented to the sales associate how unusual the pink eyeshadow was for Chantecaille.  ”Oh, that’s a blush,” she said. A blush? Right next to a cream highlighter? Hm.
Chantecaille, Les Macarons palette
So Les Macarons contains two eyeshadows (purple-brown and shimmery ballerina white-pink), a pink blush, a shimmery pink cream highlighter, and a pink-with-gold-shimmer lipgloss. It is $68.
Chantecaille, Les Macarons palette, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Chantecaille, Les Macarons, promoThe Chantecaille website also suggests one way to wear the palette: the lighter eyeshadow all over your lid, the darker shade as eyeliner. Blush on the cheeks; highlighter on the cheekbones and browbones, and then finish with gloss.

What do you think? The perfect all-in-one travel palette, or too limiting in its options?

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15 Responses to “Chantecaille Les Macarons Palette”

  • Kate says:

    I really love the look on the model, but I highly doubt only those two eyeshadows were used.

  • Helena says:

    I think it’s a beautiful palette. These colors would work well on me. I have to say I don’t care for palettes that combine lip products with powders, though, esp. eye shadow. Just seems unsanitary, and the powder inevitably flies everywhere and gunks the cream stuff up. I really like the lipgloss shade, though.

  • Sarah says:

    It’s really pretty, but I definitely don’t think it will provide enough options. And I second Helena’s concern about the mixing of all the formulas…kind of yucky, IMHO.

  • Patricia says:

    I’m also suspecting it’s going to be pretty messy after some uses. Cream and powder products so close together is usually a bad idea. How big are the pans? Swiping blush from the middle one may not be so easy…
    Beautiful and wearable colours, nevertheless.

  • Pretty, but too many pinks. All I really want is the deep purple.

  • Alex says:

    The person on the photo is hardly blurred :)

  • Jean says:

    I think if someone gave it to me as a gift, I’d use it; if not, at that price, I definitely wouldn’t–it’s just that kind of product. I just feel like there would be only one “look” I could create with that specific palette, and that wouldn’t justify the price tag for me, especially considering I have similar colors in individual products already. It’s definitely no UD Naked Eyeshadow Palette.

  • Jean says:

    Omg I just noticed the top left photo are of actual macaroons… I thought they were factory photos of the make up pans!! That’s hilarious!

  • Valerie C. says:

    I’m fair, so these colors would be perfect.

  • shaimaa says:

    Its look soft and sweet
    Love the shade of colour

  • Mahtab says:

    Chantecaille is not just about the colors, the ingredients are wonderful. The colors are glamorous and elegant too.

  • mediatrix says:

    I actually own this palette and LOVE it! Yes, one has to be a little careful not to cross-swipe the pans, but I’m a neat gal anyway! I do believe the model in the photo (Olivia Chantecaille) IS wearing just the two shadows as this look is easily recreated with Les Macarons. Chantecaille’s formulas are buttery delicious and one can achieve the finest blending with them. I have found my favorite brand of eyeshadow and wouldn’t be without Chantecaille!

  • Kimberly says:

    I was wondering where you took this picture of the macarons in the refrigerated case? I am looking into opening a store that will carry macarons and am having a difficult time finding a refrigerated case! Please help! Thanks!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    That was a shop in NYC. I’ll see if I can find their name and contact details for you.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I believe this is the place:

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