Deborah Lippmann, Cuticle Remover

Readers, my nails have been a wreck for weeks. It's basically Deborah Lippmann's fault: I haven't been able    >>

There are about a dozen categories of makeup (foundation, powder, lipliner, etc.) — and we all have categories we    >>

Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann was our last meeting of the day — what a great note to end the day    >>

Seche Rebuild

I think I've shared with you the vicious cycle that, until ~3 years ago, kept me from having    >>

Daniel Martin

Ahhh, the holidays.  Time for family gatherings, parties — and photos.  I feel like I’m pretty good at “everyday”    >>


It seems to me that getting your makeup done by a professional artist is something like getting your    >>

Calvin Brockington, Smashbox

The other day I was swatching in Sephora, and by pure good fortune, Smashbox was there having an    >>


Before this weekend, I had never had a spray tan. But after a truly great experience at Nordstrom    >>

MAC Vimi Joshi

While I was in Dubai, I had the immense pleasure of meeting the charming and brilliant MAC Senior    >>

Armani, 6, eyeliner, swatches, Bobbi Brown, Ivy Shimmer Ink, NARS, Kaliste, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

I would guess that a lot of brown-eyed girls have, at some point, wished for eyes of a    >>

A while ago, I wrote about the products I use to keep my nails looking their best. Since    >>


I always love getting my makeup done by a professional. First, because I look so glamorous afterwards, but    >>

Armani, Concealer, Corrector

I had the very great pleasure of seeing Armani's Rhona Samuels in action this past weekend. I truly    >>


I learned several things from following Tom Pecheux around at fashion week, and I thought they were valuable    >>


I might as well admit it: I am lacking in the liquid-liner-application-skills department. I just need more practice    >>