Lipstick Queen

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I'm always excited for new product launches from Lipstick Queen, so I was intrigued to hear about Jean    >>

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Another brilliant swatch-and-review from Glossedup. This girl is so on-trend it's scary. Black lipgloss is not over. It    >>

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I hadn't forgotten my promise to lip-swatch all 15 of Lipstick Queen's Fame glosses, I've just been using    >>

Lipstick Queen, Fifteen Minutes of Fame, 15 Minutes of Fame, Pop Art Gloss, 1 Minute

Yay, lips! Today I have for you the first five of Lipstick Queen's 15 Minutes of Fame Pop    >>

Lipstick Queen, Oxymoron, Matte Glosses, swatches, Deafening Silence, Free Ride, Honest Politician, Minor Crisis

I love the wit behind Lipstick Queen's Oxymoron "Matte Glosses" ($20, lip brush included). These potted cremes can    >>

Lipstick Queen, 15 Minutes of Fame, Pop Art Gloss

Amazing story, readers: Lipstick Queen heard about my misunderstanding with Barney's, got in touch with me — and    >>

Welcome to the Butterfly Ball! Lipstick Queen is introducing a new lipstick formula for holiday. Butterfly Ball lipsticks    >>

Well readers, I've gotten woefully behind on what's new from Lipstick Queen (because the manager at Barney's said    >>

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I'm introducing a new feature today! I know sometimes arm swatches just aren't enough, so thanks to a    >>

Yesterday we looked at the Lipstick Saints, the "10% pigment" lipsticks from "lips-only" brand Lipstick Queen. The Saints'    >>

Lipstick Queen is a relative newcomer, a boutique "lips-only" brand with Art Nouveau sensibilities. Founder/owner Poppy King found    >>