Lipstick Queen Jean Queen

Lipstick Queen, Jean QueenI’m always excited for new product launches from Lipstick Queen, so I was intrigued to hear about Jean Queen, a lipstick and gloss (sold separately), “designed to compliment denim.”

In my mind, Jean Queen is not just about complimentary shades of pink lipstick and blue fabric. It’s about the aesthetic of the denim-wearing girl: easy-going, ready-to-wear, “casual pretty.”

As with all Lipstick Queen products, these are unscented. The lipstick is very sheer (though I do love the color, and it feels pleasant on the lips).

The gloss seems just a hair more cool-toned than the lipstick. It’s also (surprisingly) more opaque. The gloss tube has a brush-tip, but instead of click-pen packaging, you squeeze the tube to force gloss up onto the brush.

Both the lipstick and the gloss are $18 each, or you can buy them together on QVC for $22.80 + $3.97 shipping. (That’s $26.77 total, or $13.39 each if you want to split the set with a friend).
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6 Responses to “Lipstick Queen Jean Queen”

  • soaper1 says:

    Love it . . . thank you!

  • Diane C. says:

    Beautiful. I heart Lipstick Queen!

  • Erin T says:

    Thanks very much for getting to this so quickly; I’d just noticed it on the LQ website and was intrigued. I also heart Lipstick Queen! The lipstick looks lovely, although perhaps ultimately more pink than I’d hoped (doesn’t it look a little more orange-brown in the promo pics?) Oh well, I’ll probably end up with it anyway!

  • BeautySwatch says:

    Interesting that LQ has released a denim range like Bobbi Brown!

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