Stila, Color Wheel Palette

Very special thanks to Jen, who so kindly guest swatched her Stila Color Wheel palette ($38, limited edition).    >>

Here they are all together, the Stila eyeshadow family! Stila eyeshadows are extremely soft, making them a delight    >>

Stila, swatches, Chichina, Champara, Tolima, Illimani, Kamet, Kalahoo, Nanda Devi

Today we wrap up the Stila eyeshadow shades available in a brick-and-mortar Sephora (you'll find a few more    >>

Stila, swatches, Heather, Mystic, Bouquet, Dune, Eden, Champara

Today we'll get into Stila's matte neutral shades. Most Sephora locations organize their Stila eyeshadow singles in three    >>

Moment of honesty: I can't remember anything without pictures. I started posting about Stila eyeshadows a while ago,    >>

Ever since I swatched MAC's limited edition Not So Shy!, I've been a little obsessed with lip stains.    >>

For those of you lucky enough to live near Los Angeles, this Saturday is Stila's fabulous warehouse sale,    >>

For those of you with fond memories of the SATs, Kitten:Stila::Orgasm:NARS. (For those of you who didn't take    >>

Stila's Convertible Colors are creams for lip or cheek, and — in a move I can only describe    >>

"I like that Chanel quad," you say, "but do I already own something like it?" Great question.Here is    >>

Special thanks to guest swatcher Alexandrarc, who graciously photographed all of Stila's eyeshadow duos ($20 each).Eyeshadow duos: Punaluu,    >>