Stila Convertible Color

Stila’s Convertible Colors are creams for lip or cheek, and — in a move I can only describe as genius — the color of the compact reflects the color of the makeup inside. (The mirrored compact is approximately the size of the palm of my hand.)

Every description of these creams uses the word “sheer,” and I clearly had a heavy swatching hand. As with all cream blushes, you have a variety of application options: you can use your fingers, disposable makeup sponges, or a brush. The most popular choices are a foundation brush or cream blush brush (both of these have synthetic, taklon bristles) or a duo-fiber stippling (or “skunk”) brush. On your lips, you could use your finger, or a lip brush for more precise application.

Convertible Colors are $24 each, and though they are sold at Sephora, Stila’s website has two colors that Sephora does not.

Convertible Color: Convertible Creams, Convertible Cremes, Gerbera, Lillium, Lilium, Petunia, Peony, Fuchsia, Camellia, Poppy

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8 Responses to “Stila Convertible Color”

  • peachgirl says:

    >Thanks for swatching these!

  • Starry x2 night says:

    >Thanks for sharing these! Fuschia is rather…scary on your arm, haha.

  • Ariana says:

    >hey! i’m chenchillaxchop on MUA, remember you saying you were going to swatch these, THANK YOU!

    i want fuschia and lillium now! :)

    is peony as orangey as it looks in the picture?
    fuschia DOES look scary on your arm, but i bet it’d look great on! :D

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >Hey, lady! These swatches are pretty color-accurate (though I guess things may look different when you apply “for real” instead of “for swatching”). :)

    I’d say Peony just isn’t as brown as Camellia — a peachy nude, maybe. Didja try clicking on the picture to view at full size?

  • Elizabeth says:

    >They really are sheer when you blend them out. In fact I have problems telling some of them apart when they are blended like crazy

  • Amina says:

    >thanks for the swatches..
    i used to own orchid..

  • Sandra says:

    When I first got Gerbera – arrived in the mail – I was horrified by the color in the pan. It looked like a bad ‘granny’ shade. A very awful orange-ish shade from the 50s. I was so turned off I didn’t even bother swatching it. Several months later I finally did….and loved it. The shade looks gorgeous on the skin. And the texture is phenomenal. It also applies very nicely. I really got a bargain on it as well as it came in a great gift set.

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