China Glaze

China Glaze, Jitterbug, swatches, Vintage Vixen

Jitterbug was part of China Glaze's recent Vintage Vixen collection (click here to see the full collection, plus    >>

China Glaze, Vintage Vixen, swatches, Classic Camel

Soaper1 emailed me to say she'd bought China Glaze's Classic Camel, from their fall Vintage Vixen collection. I    >>

China Glaze, First Class Ticket, swatches

Soaper1 is gorgeously swatching her way through China Glaze's fall collection, Vintage Vixen (click here for the sneak    >>

China Glaze, Midnight Mission, Vintage Vixen, swatches

Another utterly droolworthy guest swatch from Soaper1: Midnight Mission, another of China Glaze's Vintage Vixen fall collection. I    >>

China Glaze, swatches, Ingrid, Vintage Vixen

Oh Soaper1, Ingrid looks so good on you! I think I'm promoting Ingrid to my favorite shade from    >>

China Glaze, Emerald Fitzgerald, comparison, swatches, OPI, Jasper Jade, Wet N Wild, Craze Morbid, Lancome, Pop Petrol

When I saw Soaper1's Emerald Fitzgerald swatches yesterday, I asked her how much she thought it looked like    >>

China Glaze, swatches, Emerald Fitzgerald, Vintage Vixen

From the first promo pics, I was entranced by China Glaze's Vintage Vixen collection. Almost based on name    >>

China Glaze, Flyin High, Konad, swatches

An adorable story and an adorable manicure from Soaper1! Last weekend, my daughter asked me to wear a    >>

China Glaze, He

If I had to pick just one favorite color (a favorite color, not a favorite color of lipstick),    >>

China Glaze, Sexagon, swatches

I know I've mentioned before my fascination with holographic nail polish.  As gorgeous as they are, they're often    >>