Look at My Nails! China Glaze Sexagon

I know I’ve mentioned before my fascination with holographic nail polish.  As gorgeous as they are, they’re often difficult to photograph.  The flashing-rainbow holographic effect depends on movement, and the perception of the human eye (and may elude the camera lens).  Nevertheless, I thought I’d try to capture for you one of my favorites, China Glaze Sexagon.

China Glaze famously released two holographic collections, Kaleidoscope (in 2006) and OMG (in 2008). Each contained a silver holographic shade — Sexagon and OMG.  Both shades are special for their fabulous density of holographic sparkle: opaque coverage. Some polishes look holographic in the bottle, but provide only topcoat-level sparkle.

As holographic (not glitter) shades, both offer the appearance of rainbow particles without actual glitter — they’re smooth as glass and very easy to remove.

I personally prefer Sexagon; the particles are larger (and I like bling). OMG’s particles are smaller, for a smoother appearance and more subdued effect.  By now, both shades are discontinued and a little difficult to find, but if you stumble across either, I definitely recommend picking them up.
China Glaze, Sexagon, swatches
China Glaze, Sexagon, swatches
China Glaze, Sexagon, swatches

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7 Responses to “Look at My Nails! China Glaze Sexagon”

  • Lisa says:

    Looks fab, K!

  • Amber Phresh says:

    oo that looks amazing! You really caught the holo-ness well on camera!

  • Tina says:

    Wow, pretty! What do you use to keep your cuticles looking so nice? Mine are a disaster =(

  • Sylvie says:

    That has inspired me to hunt that nail polish down!

  • Jen says:

    Ok… this is the most glistening nail lacquer I’ve ever laid eyes on!

  • Jo says:

    Wow your nails are absolutely immaculate! Seriously beautiful, I wish mine looked like that :(

    I know of another amazing holo polish, it’s called Holographic by GOSH. They’re a drugstore brand in Europe (I live in the UK and just bought Holographic in Superdrug on a 3 for 2 deal, bargain!) but I know they have an International website.

    Hope this helps all my fellow holo addicts! :)

  • keekers says:

    it looks exactly like my OPI DS shimmer! its my favorite but the color tends to make my hands look a bit red

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