Michael Todd

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For now, these are the last of my Michael Todd blush swatches: some of his "Shimmer" blushes. These    >>

Michael Todd, blush, swatches, Sugar Daddy, Speechless, Babe, Zoom In, Replace, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Michael Todd is an online-only cosmetics company with an almost comically diverse product offering. I've been lucky enough    >>

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Though I've been able to swatch a number of Michael Todd's available-only-online blushes, I should mention that these    >>

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Some time ago, I swatched some lipsticks from a brand called Michael Todd. I can't help smiling at    >>

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Earlier this week, I showed you some swatches of Michael Todd lipstick (his Creme formula). Michael Todd is    >>

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Interesting story about these swatches. As you might already know, I've been lucky enough to swatch all of    >>