Michael Todd Powder Blush, Part 1

Some time ago, I swatched some lipsticks from a brand called Michael Todd. I can’t help smiling at Michael Todd. The brand exists only online, and they sell absolutely everything: skincare, fragrance, cosmetics of every description.

Mr. Todd’s blushes are named without rhyme or reason: fruits, puns, people. And it’s hard to crave a brand you’ve never heard of. But if this were a blind swatch-test — or if these were MAC colors — I think everyone (myself included) would be pretty excited about the shades. The powder blushes are $17 on Mr. Todd’s website; $9.99 on All Cosmetics Wholesale.

Michael Todd, blush, swatches, Lilia, Cheeky, Apricot, Mango, Honey-Do, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Lilia is pale pink with tiny silver sparkles. Cheeky is peach. Apricot is vibrant papaya-pink. Mango is sheer pinked peach with a bit of sheen. Honey-Do is yellow-brown.

All Cosmetics Wholesale provided these products for swatching purposes.

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3 Responses to “Michael Todd Powder Blush, Part 1”

  • Jessi M says:

    You’re right, these DO look really nice. I just went back and looked at the lipstick swatches and you have officially created a new lemming for me. Noooo…

  • Lisa B. says:

    Always wonder about his products–I’ve heard mixed reviews for the MAC Fluidline dupes.

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