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Armani almost snuck this collection past me (special thanks to Cristi for bringing it to my attention). The    >>

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There's plenty to talk about in Armani's summer collection, but that blue and turquoise eyeshadow palette has me    >>

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Armani just added a new lipstick to its lineup: Rouge d'Armani Sheer. (Spring/summer IS the season of sheer    >>

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One holiday collection I always look forward to: Armani's. The theme this year is Art Deco, explored through    >>

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Armani's fall collection has arrived at my counter (at last!). It's also online at, and they're offering    >>

Rouge d

Armani's fall collection hasn't arrived on counters yet, but they do have something new and summery to pique    >>

Gloss d

Armani just introduced a new formula of lipgloss (and I've heard rumors that this new formula might replace    >>

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Armani Cosmetics is probably most famous for their foundations, particularly Luminous Silk Foundation. Luminous Silk is a fluid    >>

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Armani's summer collection just arrived at my counter (though, so far, I can only find pieces of it    >>

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This past weekend I had the immense pleasure of watching the brilliant Rhona Samuels work her magic. Rhona    >>

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This past holiday season we were introduced to Eyes to Kill Silk shadows, pots of a new formula    >>


Armani's Spring 2011 Collection Click to subscribe to my YouTube channel.     >>

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I was going to sneak-peek Armani's spring collection on Friday afternoon... but then I heard my counter had    >>

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When we last looked at Armani holiday, I'd swatched three of their new Eyes to Kill Silk powder-creme-hybrid    >>

Armani, Gold Rush, highlighter

In my recent swatches of Armani's holiday collection, I mentioned Gold Rush, the holiday highlighter. Well my counter    >>