Armani Gloss d’Armani

Armani just introduced a new formula of lipgloss (and I’ve heard rumors that this new formula might replace their current Lip Shimmer lipgloss). Gloss d’Armani follows the same “Dewey Decimal” naming system as Rouge d’Armani lipstick. So you could match your lipstick to your gloss… or keep lipstick and gloss in the same color family… or use the gloss as a modifier if your lipstick color isn’t quite right. These glosses have a long, angled doe’s foot applicator (Beauty Look Book has an excellent photo), and they’re $28 each.

I tried on Rouge 402. My first thought was that the formula was not quite as light, cushiony, and unsticky as the Lip Shimmer formula. The color was also more sheer than I expected. But the craziest thing is that the formula seems to thicken on the lips. After about a minute, the gloss gets thicker and stickier. I can see why this might be appealing: it doesn’t go on super sticky, but then it lasts like you wouldn’t believe.

Gloss d'Armani, swatches, Beige 100, Beige 101, Beige 102, Beige 103, Brown 200, Rouge 400, Rouge 401, Rouge 402, Rouge 403, Pink 500, Pink 501, Pink 502, Pink 503, Pink 504, Pink 505, Plum 600, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Beige 100 is milky-beige clear. Beige 101 is pale pink-beige with tiny silver sparkles. Beige 102 is a more pink pink-beige with tiny silver sparkles. Beige 103 is light warm pink with tiny pink sparkles. Brown 200 is purple-brown with tiny multicolored sparkles. Rouge 400 is bright red, the most pigmented of the group. Rouge 401 is red rose with gold multicolored sparkles. Rouge 402 is sheer red-orange with pink and gold sparkles. Rouge 403 is sheer pink with dense, bigger pink sparkles. Pink 500 is sheer, cool, cotton candy pink. Pink 501 is a warm pink with very tiny pink sparkles (not nearly as peach as Beige 103). Pink 502 slightly deeper and more pink (cooler) than 501, and it has tiny silver sparkles. Pink 503 is deeper, more violet-rose with silver sparkles. Pink 504 is clear with pink and blue sparkles. Pink 505 is fuchsia with pink and blue sparkles. I definitely recommend clicking on these photos to view them at full size.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t fit all 18 shades on one arm. Rather than swatch the last two or three shades by themselves, I decided to re-swatch the Beiges and the Pinks as well — for comparison purposes — without the distracting brights (Rouges, Pink 505).
Gloss d'Armani, swatches, Beige 100, Beige 101, Beige 102, Beige 103, Pink 500, Pink 501, Pink 502, Pink 503, Pink 504, Plum 600, Plum 601, Plum 602, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Plum 600 is berry-smoothie-pink with tiny, multicolored sparkles. Plum 601 is cranberry colored. Plum 602 is grape with purple sparkles.

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7 Responses to “Armani Gloss d’Armani”

  • valerie says:

    oooh, maybe 402 could be my replacement for Nars Wonder – do you think the Armani has less/finer shimmer? *crosses fingers*

  • lia says:

    hahaha, I just bought one of these yesterday (402) and came home to see if you had swatches… and now you do! Too bad 402 might be going back- it looks incredibly bright on your arm, but goes on like clear gloss with a bit of shimmer on my lips :(

  • I NEED Rouge 400 and Plum 600. *faints*

    Thanks oodles for the lovely swatches.

  • Have 501 and am in love. Similar to the rouge d’armani with the way that it lasts on the lips.

  • Jean says:

    Thanks for swatching all of these! When I was at the NM’s near me over Memorial Day weekend, they were just starting to bring these out. I got the #501, which I adore. Totally agree with you that they go on a little watery, and then “thicken up” on the lips.
    Can’t wait to get more!!

  • Citygirl says:

    Where can I find Armani in Houston? Do any of the stores in the Galleria have it? I tried the store locator on the website, and it gives me some weird result. Thanks a million.

  • Nikki says:

    I got 602, 402 and 403. For my money, color payoff is disappointing. Will be exchanging for the brightest shades in the collection, Rouge 400 and Pink 505. However the product fuses with the lips in a way that feels unique and lasts longer than other glosses. Not sure it lives up to its hype but then, what does?

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