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I was finally able to track down a full set of Korres' Raspberry Liquid Lipstick testers (harder than    >>

Korres, Raspberry Liquid Lipstick, swatches, Nude Beige

Korres recently tweeted the introduction of a new "Raspberry" liquid lipstick (it actually does contain raspberry and pomegranate    >>

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We've looked at Korres' Lip Butters and Mango Butter lipstick — I think it's time to check out    >>

Korres, Mango Butter, lipstick, swatches, 24 Peach, 45 Coral, 18 Peach, 14 Pink, 54 Fuchsia, 12 Frost Pink, 36 Natural Brown, 33 Nude, 13 Natural Pink, 25 Natural Purple, 22 Rose, 38 Cinnamon

Korres started out (in 1996) as an all-natural skincare brand, and in the last year or so —    >>

Korres, Lip Butter, swatches, Guava, Plum, Jasmine, Wild Rose, Pomegranate, Mango, Quince

Korres (pronounced kor-REZ) was founded in 1996. It started out as a skincare line (associated with Athens' first    >>