Avon Anew Genics

Avon has a new skincare product on the market, Anew Genics Treatment Cream. It's an anti-aging night moisturizer,    >>

Avon, Anew, Solar Advance, sunscreen

I think we all go through a phase of stupid rebellion. I mean stupid rebellion, like being too    >>

Avon, Expressions, Reese Witherspoon

I recently had the opportunity to sniff the first of a new trio of fragrances by Reese Witherspoon,    >>

Avon, Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick, swatches, Nude Perfection, Bronze Shimmer, Tangerine, Rosewine, Rose Wine, Red Kiss, Maraschino, Pink Taffeta, Perfect Pink, Mocha Plum, Plum Gorgeous, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

I often lament my lack of "drugstore" makeup swatches. First, who doesn't want to find a great piece    >>

Avon, Tweed, swatch

Check out my very first Avon polish! I was inspired by Soaper1's swatch of Mambo Melon (which is    >>

Avon, Mambo Melon, swatches

I love watermelon shades for summer, and as soon as I saw Soaper1's swatch of Mambo Melon, I    >>

Avon, Glazewear, swatches, Crimson, Cherry Liqueur, Intense Plum, Brown Sugar, Sweet Maple, Mauve Movement, Darling Pink, Tickled Pink, Iced Pink, Island Glow, Mocha Latte, Rave, Apple Cinnamon, Mirage, Dazzling Diamond, Clear

In 1886, door-to-door salesman David McConnell started giving away free samples of perfume to ladies who bought his    >>