Avon Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick

Avon, Reese Witherspoon, Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction LipstickI often lament my lack of “drugstore” makeup swatches. First, who doesn’t want to find a great piece of makeup for less than $10? And second, because the less expensive brands seem to have twice as many formulas, three times as many colors, and it can be really hard to find swatches.

Avon recently gave me the opportunity to swatch their Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick (a formula which launched in February of this year).

The lipstick bullet has a mottled appearance — the color is shot-through with ribbons of moisturizer — and it delivers a lightweight, cushiony, comfortable feel. It does have a cherry-sours scent, but that fragrance only lasted for as long as I held the product near my nose (it didn’t linger on the lips). I tried on Tangerine, and the coverage is sheer-to-medium with a satin finish (not too bright for fair skin).
Avon, Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick, swatches, Nude Perfection, Bronze Shimmer, Tangerine, Rosewine, Rose Wine, Red Kiss, Maraschino, Pink Taffeta, Perfect Pink, Mocha Plum, Plum Gorgeous, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Nude Perfection is mauvey pink. Bronze Shimmer is a reddish/orangey brown. Tangerine is warm, bright-ish pink. Rosewine is red plum. Red Kiss is “hot rose” — a cool, very red pink. Maraschino is a deeper, magenta red-pink. Pink Taffeta is pale cool pink. Perfect Pink is a medium pink with a few gold sparkles. Mocha Plum is plum-purple with a few gold sparkles. Plum Gorgeous is orchid purple.

Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick contains SPF 15, and regularly retails for $8 — though at this moment, it’s on Avon’s website for $4.99.

These lipsticks were provided for swatching purposes.

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8 Responses to “Avon Ultra Color Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick”

  • Claudia says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for these swatches!! I always hesitate to purchase lipsticks from Avon because they’re all petty much pink based. Most of the shades in your swatches have pinky undertones except for Bronze Shimmer which seems to have an orangy undertone.
    Thanks again for this post!

  • thanks says:

    You really need to try swatching more drugstore makeup. Not everyone can afford 20-40 dollars for a lipstick.

  • Bell says:

    Thank you so much! I love it when I find perfect drugstore swatches!

  • em says:

    I think it’s fantastic that you are swatching drugstore makeup! Please do more if you get the chance! There are a lot of drugstore goodies but they are always in sealed packaging, impossible to tell the color and texture accuracy, and once you buy them it’s difficult to return.

  • klimtmoment says:

    Thanks for swatching. Do you offer a review of this product? It wasn’t clear whether you liked it or not.

  • Chris says:

    My fave Avon lipstick is Tuscan Russet. It contains enough orange to keep it from looking too brown.

  • Audrey H. says:

    Thanks for doing these swatches, I love seeing more affordable brands as well as the higher end brands. Right now, these are so much easier for me to splurge on $$ wise. Appreciate all the work yoi put into this site :)

  • adriana ainslee says:

    Bronze Shimmer is exactly what you have been looking for all your life if you want to avoid all pink and violet undertones. It is a perfect medium honey with a yellow undertone and a beautiful sheer sheen! I am a Spring with ivory blond hair and brown eyes and ivory complexion with peach and golden undertones. BronzeShimmer is a rare find!

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