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I just can't get enough of blue and green polishes this summer. Here's another take on turquoise: Nubar    >>

Nubar, Boyfriend Jeans, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Last September, Chanel released a trio of blue nail polishes for Fashion's Night Out. They were $29 apiece,    >>

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Nubar just released a collection of eight fall polishes: Polished Chic. I don't know if every shade says    >>

Nubar Jeans

If you can't find or can't afford Les Jeans de Chanel, I may have a very literal and    >>

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This year, nail polish lovers were treated to the release of two major "flakie" polishes: Sally Hansen's Hidden    >>

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I was chatting with beauty and lifestyle blogger Evonne about her most recent Nubar purchase, and how difficult    >>

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Today's polish is an oldie but a goodie. Iced Licorice is part of Nubar's permanent catalogue — if    >>

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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Nubar is doing a today-only sale code (expires at midnight, eastern time):    >>

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I must confess: this nail polish collection confuses me. The shades are chic, definitely on-trend — but would    >>

Nubar, Meadow Sparkles

I couldn't wait to show you the Nubar glitters in action. This is Meadow Sparkles — blingtastic.  I    >>

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You remember that old Saturday Night Live sketch, where Antonio Banderas has his own... how you say? Ah    >>

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I have two favorite kinds of nail polish: holographic (holos) and ultra shiny cremes (though with the right    >>

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Nail polish is a cruel mistress. With limited edition collections, you really have to stay on the ball    >>