Guest Swatcher: Nubar Night Sparkle

I was chatting with beauty and lifestyle blogger Evonne about her most recent Nubar purchase, and how difficult it is to get Nubar in Singapore, and we both thought you’d like to see her new favorite from the brand, the stunning Night Sparkle (part of the glorious Sparkle Collection, see arm swatches here).

Here are her thoughts on the shade:

Night Sparkle is rich, deep, cobalt blue… with bright blue glitter. This is amazing. It’s sparkling like crazy. It’s like Ruby Pumps / Emerald Sparkle turned Blue. BRIGHT BLUE!! *fascinated like a magpie*

One thing though, is that this requires three coats of topcoat to properly show off the sparkle. Without topcoat, it dries semi-matte, and feels a little gritty from the glitter. Urgh.

I do worry this will chip and/or be difficult to remove, but heck, this color is too awesome to be ignored. I think some lightning bolts will look damn chio on this.

Nubar, Starry Night, swatches
Editor’s Note: According to Urban Dictionary, chio is Singaporean/Malaysian slang for really good looking, attractive girl.

Also, I found Meadow Sparkles not that difficult to remove for a glitter polish.

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2 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Nubar Night Sparkle”

  • soaper1 says:

    Beautiful! I can’t believe this is still in my untrieds. I need to wear it soon!

  • Wow, it’s a stunning color!

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