New York Times Magazine, Megan Fox, November 2009

On November 11, 2009, the New York Times Magazine featured Megan Fox on their cover. In the midst    >>

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Lancome just launched a new, longwearing lipstick formula: Rouge in Love. There are 21 colors, divided into three    >>

Lancome, spring 2012, Roseraie des Delices, swatches, Color Design Eyeshadow Quints, Tendresse, Rose Romance, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Lancome's spring collection has arrived on counters, and it looks quite enticing. It's called Roseraie des Delices (rose    >>

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Can't get enough pink lipstick? You are not alone. You knew that, of course, but pink seems especially    >>

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I was so impressed and excited about Lancome's two limited edition summer Artliners, I broke down and swatched    >>

Lancome, Color Design Palette, swatches, Kissed by Gold, Emerald Boudoir, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Lancome's summer collection actually comes in two parts. Yesterday we looked at Bronze Azure, but there's a second    >>

Lancome, summer 2011, Bronze Azure, swatches, Molten Shore, Heat Wave, Artliner, Beach Gem, Scorched, Le Stylo Waterproof, Noir, Cafe, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

I just had a chance to check out Lancome's summer collection, and I have to say: well done,    >>

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I recently got the chance to participate in a very cool project. To celebrate the launch of their    >>

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Lancome's L'Absolu Nu is the fifth and final (knock on wood) new lipstick out this summer. (Go back    >>

Lancome, Color Design Quints, swatches, 100 Taupe Craze, 101 Bronze Amour, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

Lancome recently released 10 new eyeshadow quints (Color Design Eye Brightening All-In-One Five Shadow & Liner Palette, if    >>

Lancome, L

As an ardent fan of Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge lipsticks, I am so looking forward to checking out their    >>

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There are several "special" pieces in Lancome's very lavender spring collection: the "French Touch" lipcolor (in special packaging),    >>

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Lancome's holiday offering this year might seem a little confusing; it's large and comes in several parts. First,    >>

Lancome, Ombre Magnetique, swatches, Urban Silver, Cherry Cherie, Black Macadam, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

You may remember that Lancome's fall French Coquettes collection contained a "to be continued" — the Ombre Magnetique    >>

Lancome, French Touch, swatches, Rose Edith, Rose Daria, Cherry Sarah, Cherry Kiki, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

In honor of the company's 75th anniversary, Lancome has released four exclusive, limited edition lipsticks. The formula is    >>