Lancome Artliners

I was so impressed and excited about Lancome’s two limited edition summer Artliners, I broke down and swatched the whole gang.

Artliners are Lancome’s (“pen style”) liquid liners. They’re famous for their incredibly thin, precise, conical sponge tip — and as I learned from this swatching experiment, their staying power. The top screws on/off (which means you’re less likely to accidentally leave it improperly capped), and there’s a ball inside, so I guess you’re meant to shake before applying.

Artliners $29 each.
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Beach Gem and Scorched are both limited edition for summer. Amber, Royale Blue, and Forest are new, and my sales associate says if they sell well, they’ll be made permanent.

Scorched is a reflective, very dark brown with gold sparkles. Noir is satin black. Smoke is satin blue-grey (a dark, industrial grey). Iceblack is neither ice nor black. It’s a metallic cool brown taupe (and the popular darling of the Artliner world). Brown is sheeny dark brown. Navy is reflective sapphire blue. Aubergine is sheeny dark blue-violet. Amber is metallic red bronze. Royale Blue is a rather thrilling metallic “Greek” blue. I watched a girl try this on and it was SO exotic summer fantasy. Forest is a metallic pine. Beach Gem is dazzling teal with teal sparkles. How mermaidy.

If you’re shopping on, the site automatically puts Genifique Concentrate (0.25 oz.), High Resolution Refill 3X SPF 15 anti-wrinkle moisturizer (0.5 oz jar), and Bright Expert Dark Spot Corrector & Radiance Activator in your basket.

  • Then with a $35 purchase and code MISSUMAYPTS, you’ll also get free shipping plus a mini Hypnose Drama mascara, Bifacil, and Sheer Amourose blush.
  • Or with $45 purchase and code AMAY, the High Resolution Refill 3X turns into Absolue Premium BX Cream SPF 15, plus you get Hypnose Drama, Cils Booster, and free shipping.
  • Or with $35 purchase and code MOTHER, the High Resolution Refill 3X turns into Absolue Premium BX Cream SPF 15 and you get a 2 oz. Creme Radiance creme-to-foam cleanser (but no free shipping).

I believe these codes expire at the end of May.

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6 Responses to “Lancome Artliners”

  • Karla!!! I never paid any attention to these before and now a lemming is born. How dare you? LOL

  • WOW Ridiculous!! Just looked these up and while they are $29 US they are $37 CDN!!! And our dollar is higher right now. I am so fed up with getting overcharged in this country. I guess that’s why I do all my shopping on Neiman Marcus online GRRR

  • katie says:

    these look fabulous, thanks for the swatches, I was about to buy iceblack until I saw your swatch and realized it’s not that black afterall

    Now I’m torn between aubergine and noir… :)

  • Stefani says:

    wow smoke is beautiful!!! I dont have any gray liquid liners. Forest also looks interesting….

  • Anna says:

    I love Beach Gem.. it looks so pretty :) Think I will have to check out the stores over here were they sell Lancôme to see if I can find that one :)

  • Phyrra says:

    Beach Gem is gorgeous!

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