Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows

Lancome, holiday, 2010, gift setsLancome’s holiday offering this year might seem a little confusing; it’s large and comes in several parts. First, there was the lovely-but-modest L’Wren collection (click here for swatches and a photo of the display). Then there are the “gift” items: two brush sets, four Juicy Tubes sets (each set contains some permanent colors and some limited edition colors), and four palettes (each containing six shadows, one blush).

Lancome, Color Design, display, line expansion, 2010But Lancome is also unveiling an expansion to their permanent line (and it just happened to come out at the same time as the holiday stuff): 13 new Color Design eyeshadows, 4 new quads, and 2 new shades of Artliner (Navy and Aubergine).

Well I managed to swatch the new eyeshadow singles; stay tuned for the other components.

The singles are $17 each and come in three finishes: Shimmer, Metallic, and Matte. Some of the colors definitely took me by surprise, but they do make a lovely rainbow.
Lancome, Color Design, 2010, swatches, All Made Up, Glamorize, Little Blue Dress, Zip Me Up, Lavender Girl, Platform, Meet Me in Paris, Pink Pearls, Pink Zinc, Madison Avenue, 24 Karat, Center Stage, Splurge, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
All Made Up is a brilliant, shimmery, freshwater blue. It took some work to build up that color, though. Glamorize is a somewhat sheer grey-blue, and it looks slightly green compared to Little Blue Dress (also sheer, with a few sparkles). Zip Me Up is a blackened violet shimmer; Lavender Girl is a sheer lavender.

Dusty, terracotta rose Platform got my attention. Conceptually, it reminded me of the virtually-impossible-to-see-for-yourself Burberry Rosewood. Looking at these guest swatches (part one and part two), it seems like Rosewood might be more brown; Antique Rose deeper and more plummy than Platform.

Meet Me in Paris is a shimmery warm pink with gold shimmer. Pink Pearls is an almost white pink. Pink Zinc is a super shimmery purple-pink that reflects white. Madison Avenue is a dark, warm, low-shimmer brown. 24 Karat is a very yellow gold; Center Stage is a yellow gold with almost a hint of green. Splurge is apple green.

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7 Responses to “Lancome Color Design Eyeshadows”

  • Khuzzy says:

    I love the colours ‘All Made Up’ and ‘Splurge’!! Have you tried them out yet? I’d love to know if they are worth buying? Oh and btw I always can’t help but think how awesome your swatches are and neat too!

  • Scarlett says:

    I absolutely LOVE Pink Zinc. It was a limited edition shade a few years ago and I bought up every single one I could find! So glad it is permanent now!

  • KarlaSugar says:

    Khuzzy, I thought Splurge was really nice, but All Made Up took some work — it wasn’t so vibrant on first swipe.

  • Lizzard says:

    Hi Karla, did you ever consider swatcing elf (regular, studio, mineral) products? Just wondering! always love and appreciate your work :)

  • Isabella says:

    I’m really interested in that deluxe brush set (the one on the right), particularly the second brush from the left, it kinda looks like that Louise Young foundation brush, I don’t know if they are similar or is this one even suppose to be a foundation brush? Karla I don’t know if you planned it, but I would LOVE if you could swatch Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme foundation and Nars eyeshadows. Love your website!! :)

  • despoina says:

    I used to buy lancome before MAC arrived in greece.They look boring….

  • despoina1976 says:

    Is there a make up for combination skin by Lancome that gives dewy finish,does anyone know,thank you…

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