Lancome French Touch Lipsticks

Lancome, French Touch, lipstickIn honor of the company’s 75th anniversary, Lancome has released four exclusive, limited edition lipsticks. The formula is L’Absolu Rouge (a semi-staining, very moisturizing formula that might be my current favorite). The packaging is a patterned silver case designed to evoke the architecture of the Eiffel Tower (similar to the lipstick case of Lancome’s 1949 Versailles collection). The case is a little smaller than usual, but the lipstick bullet is full/regular size.

French Touch was created in four shades: 300 Rose Edith (a peachy pink shade named for Edith Wharton, an American author who emigrated to France), 302 Rose Daria (a warm rose shade named for Lancome muse, model, and spokeswoman, Daria Werbowy), 304 Cherry Sarah (a mauve rose named for Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress), and 306 Cherry Kiki (a berry with blue sparkles, named for Kiki de Montparnasse, French model, painter, actress, and singer).

French Touch lipsticks are $40 each, available at Saks Fifth Avenue stores (NOT the website, nor Lancome’s website). Neiman Marcus has Cherry Kiki only.
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9 Responses to “Lancome French Touch Lipsticks”

  • Ana M. says:

    These simply look amazing, gonna try these :x xx

  • Ana M. says:

    Sorry for the emoticon, i meant :)

  • Lindsey9107 says:

    I would wear all of those! Cherry Kiki is my fav though!

    That price is extravagant in my opinion, though. Is the typical Lancome customer the type to pay $40 to a lipstick? I doubt it…if I am going to splurge on lipstick it will be on a brand with a more aspirational image.

  • stephani99 says:

    They look gorgeous. I was sold at “semi-staining” and “very moisturizing” but, I live nowhere near any of those stores, and it appears they aren’t available online, so the ‘typical’ Lancome customer won’t be able to buy them anyway. ah but a girl can dream, though :)

  • Nina says:

    Are you sure the Rose Edith is named for Edith Wharton and not Edith Piaf, the famed chanteuse?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    I wondered the same thing, Nina, but I was assured it was definitely Wharton.

  • Lori says:

    Is Cherry Kiki a perm color because it is listed on the lancome website with the other L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks?

  • skybluesky says:

    The ironic thing is…I would definitely get the Daria shade if I could order it online somewhere, but I live nowhere near a Saks.

    Their loss! With that money, I could just get another NARS or Chanel lip product or another Tom Ford lipstick.

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