Lancome Spring 2011: Ultra Lavande

Lancome, spring 2011, display, Ultra LavandeThere are several “special” pieces in Lancome’s very lavender spring collection: the “French Touch” lipcolor (in special packaging), the new shades of Ombre Magnetique shadow, the “Natural Origin” Le Crayon Kohl pencil and Color Fever Glosses…

But I think the star of the show is the Butterflies Fever Blush ($40) in Glowy Ballerine. Lancome’s limited edition embossed powders usually attract a lot of attention, and Glowy Ballerine aptly named: it’s a sheer, pale, glowy pink. I heard some early reports that this blush is sparkly — that’s just overspray. The blush itself is not sparkly.
Lancome, spring 2011, Ultra Lavande, swatches, Violet Groove, Le 54, Butterflies Fever Blush, Glowy Ballerine, Ombre Magnetique, Disco Silver, Disco Gold, Ultra Lavande, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Here’s a heavier swatch of the blush:
Lancome, spring 2011, Ultra Lavande, swatches, Violet Groove, Le 54, Butterflies Fever Blush, Glowy Ballerine, Disco Silver, Disco Gold, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are two spring nail polishes: royal purple creme Violet Groove, and sheer lavender with tons of blue glitter, Le 54. I only painted two coats of Le 54 — it would have been even more impressive if I’d painted more, or if I’d painted it over Violet Groove. The display in Nordstrom says these polishes are $18 each; Lancome’s website says $19.

The three new Ombre Magnetique shadows ($25) remind me more of Armani’s Eyes to Kill Silk shadows than they do of Lancome’s holiday Ombre Magnetiques. Disco Silver and Disco Gold are almost like pressed pigments: they go on sparkly and metallic. Disco Silver is a bright white silver; Disco Gold is a rather 70s brassy gold. Ultra Lavande is a more sheeny blue-violet.
Lancome, Spring 2011, Ultra Lavande, swatches, Cool Lavande, Warm Lavande, Crayon Kohl Natural Origin, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
There are also two mineral eyeshadow quads (each $42): Cool Lavande includes a sheer, blue/purple grey-white; a periwinkle satin; a sheer lavender satin; and a low-sheen blue-purple. Warm Lavande includes a creamy matte white; a shimmery pale gold; a very blue-purple satin; and a matte purple-black blackberry. Between them I swatched the Crayon Khol Natural Origin pencil, blue-purple Ultra Lavande ($24.50).
Lancome, spring 2011, Ultra Lavande, swatches, Lily Rose, Daisy Rose, Berry Rose, Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin, Rose Ballerine, Lavande Ballerine, Beige Ballerine, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Lancome, spring 2011, Ultra Lavande, displayThere are two L’Absolu Rouge lipsticks ($29 each). Both are creme finish. Lily Rose is a bit lighter and slightly more sheer; Daisy Rose is deeper, more vibrant, and cooler.

Berry Rose is also the L’Absolu Rouge formula, but it comes in a special “disco ball” case (and is $35). It’s a cool rose with a few red sparkles.

There are also three Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin glosses. All three are light and sheer… intended mainly as lipstick modifiers, I think. They are $26 each.

384 Rose Ballerine is a sheer, milky pink. 385 Lavande Ballerine is a sheer, milky lavender. 383 Beige Ballerine is a creamy ecru.

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10 Responses to “Lancome Spring 2011: Ultra Lavande”

  • Autumn says:

    Are these available now? If not what is the release date? Thanks for the great swatches!

  • D says:

    Hi Karla!
    Thank you so much for doing these swatches. I’ve been waiting for them! A question for you, do you find that the Disco Silver is similar to the Urban Silver Ombre Magnetique that came out last season?

  • Phyrra says:

    Thank you for the swatches! I like the warm set.

  • Virginia Gonzales says:

    I ordered Daisy Rose and plan to get Le 54 at some point. Do you know why the eyeshadow palette is different here than past promo photos which show Ombre Absolut with square shadows? It that a UK exclusive? The colors seem nicer in the square version. Thanks!

  • Are Ombre Magnetique creaseless eyeshadows?

  • Eileen says:

    This is a lovely collection that is already available. I bought my items at Nordstrom. The Disco Gold is a gorgeous color that can be worn as a full on metallic sheen of bronzed gold, or it can be blended out to give a golden glow, or it can be used to highlight the lid just over the pupil, or . . . :-) I was really pleased with just how versatile the color and formulation is. And, in truth, as much as I love Armani, I think Lancome’s Disco Gold and Disco Silver are much prettier. Unlike the Armani, the colors are true and don’t appear tarnished or dirty.

  • Violet says:

    Thank you so so much, Karla!! I think I’ll be passing on the blush (pretty as it is) but I *need* that Violet Groove polish!

  • Jennifer says:

    thanks for the swatches! have been wondering about the blush for a while :) guess it’s more of a highlighter!

  • Vale says:

    Just Saturday (now is Monday) I’ve bought the Disco Gold and the quad. I’m in Italy and we didn’t get 2 quads, instead there was only one, called “Cool Lavender” that has the 3 “cool lavender” e/s you swatched, but with the gold colour of the warm quad, instead of the grey-white. And I think that in this way, the palette is more beautiful, because that gold is very suitable for cool pale skintone (as mine!) like in this picture
    in case someone was looking for this palette in Europe.

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