Guest Swatcher: Nubar 2010 vs. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

This year, nail polish lovers were treated to the release of two major “flakie” polishes: Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure and Nubar’s 2010.

“Flakies” are polishes with large, irregularly shaped glitter, like bits of foil. (Also see: MAC Superglass)

It’s not easy to find a good flakie. I have one from NYX, but it’s almost impossible to get the glitter out of the bottle and onto your nail in any kind of satisfying density. Nfu-Oh has a reputation for amazing flakies, but the brand is not easy to come by in the U.S.

Fortunately, Soaper1 was willing to try both the Nubar version and the Sally Hansen version and compare them. Her verdict? Read on:

This past spring, Sally Hansen released a limited edition polish collection, including hotly sought-after “flakie,” Hidden Treasure. It’s a jelly base with irregular pieces of iridescent glitter — intended to be layered over other polishes.  But Sally Hansen collections can be difficult to find; there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the distribution. A lot of people checked a lot of drugstores for the aptly named Hidden Treasure. It can still be found, but there are a few other more readily available alternatives.

A great one is Nubar 2010, released for their 10th anniversary. As you can see from the bottle pictures, they are very similar. The base for 2010 seems to be a little more clear than the slightly milky Hidden Treasure. On the nail, they are indistinguishable. If you have one, you don’t need the other. (And they’re essentially the same price; Nubar is $7.49, Sally Hansen varies slightly by retailer.)

Sally Hansen polishes are available at stores including Walgreen’s, Target, and Walmart. Nubar polishes are available through their website (, and they do have an international retailer locator, too.

Both 2010 and Hidden Treasure flash gold, green, pink, and orange. As you can see, they produce a more subtle effect over lighter colored polishes and a much more dramatic effect over dark colors.

I first swatched them over Zoya Kylie2. I did three coats of color topped with one coat each of 2010 and Hidden Treasure.

Then I did a manicure with OPI Russian Navy. This is two coats of Russian Navy topped with one coat each of 2010 and Hidden Treasure.

Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure, Nubar, 2010
Zoya, Kylie2, Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure, Nubar, 2010, swatches
OPI, Russian Navy, Sally Hansen, Hidden Treasure, Nubar, 2010, swatches
I’ve only tried Nubar’s version, but I think it’s really excellent. The “jelly” base, as Soaper1 says, makes all the difference between getting the foil on your nails and having it stay in the bottle.

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One Response to “Guest Swatcher: Nubar 2010 vs. Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure”

  • nat20lee says:

    I don’t if these count as flakies, but Anna Sui has some really nice nailpolishes with little round sequin like pieces of glitter and smaller glitter mixed in a clear base. Plus as a bonus, her nailpolishes are rose scented! :)

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