Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body Protection SPF 30

Erno Laszlo, Total Face and Body Protection, sunscreen, SPF 30My Neiman Marcus has an Erno Laszlo counter. It’s right next to Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown, so I pass by it fairly regularly. I finally got curious about their bars of soap, so I stopped for a chat with the sales associate there.

The line was created in 1927, by a Hungarian doctor named Erno Laszlo. He designed his products to cater to different skintypes (categorized by oiliness) — each skintype is described as a time on an analog clock. I don’t know if this is true or not, but my sales associate said Laszlo chose the clock because it’s a universal symbol… and because he didn’t speak English that well.

Famous Laszlo clients include Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and though the line offers a pretty broad spectrum of skincare products, they’re best recognized for their French milled face soaps, and ritual of splashing (Laszlo believed water was good for the skin, though my sales associate said we lose some of the benefit by not using mineral-rich European well water).

I described myself to her as having a slightly oily T (though my shine is controllable with products like Cosmedicine’s Medi-matte or Shiseido’s SPF 55 sunscreen for face), slightly dry cheeks (again, controllable with a good moisturizer like Dior’s Hydralife Sorbet Creme), and my skin is happiest and most breakout-free when I exfoliate regularly (Laura Mercier Face Polish). I was diagnosed as a 1 o’clock (slightly oily).

I actually came away with a whole list of products I wanted to try, but I started off with their Total Face and Body Protection sunscreen (SPF 30).

I LOVE putting on sunscreen. I feel like I’m putting on my armor (especially against hours of swatching) — but I’m always looking for the least suncreen-like sunscreen. You know what I mean: not at all greasy, and I don’t want to smell like I’m heading to the beach.

Erno Laszlo’s offering is amazing. This is luxury in minimalist packaging. It feels — and smells — like you’re putting on lotion, not sunscreen at all. It dries to a gorgeous, lightly dewy finish on my shoulders, arms, etc. I tried it on my face, and it was nice, but it didn’t mattify the way Shiseido’s sunscreen does (so I had to add a little Medi-matte to my forehead and nose).

Total Protection also contains shea butter, green tea extract, vitamin E, and mineral-rich sea water.

The only downside? Price. Total Protection is $42 for 7 oz. (200 ml — which is a lot of sunscreen). Man, it feels good, though.

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One Response to “Erno Laszlo Total Face and Body Protection SPF 30”

  • Jackie says:

    Woohoo! I do love me some Erno Laszlo, and rarely see it mentioned. The last time I went to a Laszlo counter, the SA asked how I’d come across the line and if my mom used it. When I told her my mom did not, she was surprised as almost all of her younger (note, I’m 30) customers inherited the regimen from someone older. I guess, technically I did since I admit the Audrey Hepburn connection and the whole story was just right. :) Love the bar soaps!!! And the splash method really works for me — found myself counting my splashes even when I use other lines. Hehe. Time to start hunting ebay for this sunscreen……. Thanks for the review!!

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