Nubar Boyfriend Jeans

Jasper Johns, FlagLast September, Chanel released a trio of blue nail polishes for Fashion’s Night Out. They were $29 apiece, and available in extremely limited distribution. Nearly concurrently, Nubar released a trio of blue nail polishes called The Jeans collection. Various swatches across the web convinced me that the two trios were basically identical, and I concluded that I would rather spend $20 for three polishes than $30 for one.

As we’ve already discussed extensively, I am enjoying a “blue period” when it comes to my nails. So I decided to start in the middle of the set, with Boyfriend Jeans. It’s a muted, Jasper-Johns-Flag, Colorado-sky, Israeli-coat-of-arms, faded-paint-on-a-fence blue creme. What do you think?
Nubar, Boyfriend Jeans, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I’ve heard a rumor that Chanel will be rereleasing Coco Blue, Blue Boy, and Blue Rebel this summer (giving me another chance to compare them to my Nubar shades).

Nubar’s polishes are available on their website.

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2 Responses to “Nubar Boyfriend Jeans”

  • Paige says:

    Coco Blue has been available on for quite a while. I didn’t care for this color because it’s a light blue and it doesn’t go well with my medium golden skintone. My pick of the trio is Blue Boy.

    Btw, currently offers free shipping on any amount of purchase value in case anyone is interested.

  • Polarbelle says:

    My fingers want that blue REAL bad!! my wallet doesn’t want the other two, but my fingers will probably win out on the desire for boyfriend jeans on the tips.

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