Armani Fall 2011 Jacquard

Armani, fall 2011, Jacquard, displayArmani’s fall collection has arrived at my counter (at last!). It’s also online at, and they’re offering free shipping with any makeup purchase with code GAFALL (good through August 31) or — if you write a review — GAREVIEWS3 (good through October 31). Though I didn’t recognize her right away, that’s Megan Fox in the promo picture.

The mood of this collection is “cozy-sexy.” The star palettes (two quads for eye and a four-shade powder for face) are embossed with a woven print that was supposedly inspired by Mr. Armani’s pillows.

Both the eye palettes, the face powder, and three of the four lipsticks are dreamily sheer — punctuated by the bold Scarlatto lipstick and Scarlatto blush.

The eye palettes are $59 each, and the compacts have a magnetic closure. Eye Palette 1 features a sheer grey-green satin; a low-shimmer Aspen/mint green; a greyed, muted forest green soft-shimmer; and a black violet matte.

Eye Palette 2 (the palette Megan is wearing) includes a shimmery, sheer, blue-white; a shimmery smoke-blue; a shimmery brown-grey silver taupe; and a soft red-brown matte.

I wondered if these palettes represented a new formula from Armani. The shadows are soft and silky, literally like the slip of silk over your skin — but the colors are on the sheer side.
Armani, fall, 2011, jacquard, eye palettes, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
The Face Palette is $55, and I think its four-shade design would let you use it as either highlighter or a soft blush. I swatched its four shades separately with eyeshadow applicators. Those colors are shimmery warm white with a few gold sparkles; shimmery, tawny golden sand; shimmery peach beige; and shimmery red that reflects pink/violet.

Then I swirled a triangle sponge through all of the shades and swatched it first lightly, then heavily. The four shades together add up to a shimmery, warm, pink-beige highlight. But if you focused your brush more on the red shade, I think the result might be more blush-like.
Armani, fall, 2011, swatches, Jacquard, face palette, Blushing Fabric, Camel, Scarlatto, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I also swatched the two new Blushing Fabric creme blushes both lightly and heavily. Camel is a matte yellow-peach. Scarlatto is a sheeny, duochrome, almost metallic desert rusty rose-pink. Blushing Fabric blushes are $38 each.
Armani, fall, 2011, swatches, Jacquard, face palette, Blushing Fabric, Camel, Scarlatto, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Finally, there are four new Rouge d’Armani lipsticks in this collection ($30 each, and I think they’re all limited edition). 107 (“sheer beige”) is sheer warm pink with subtle sparkles. This is probably the sheerest, subtlest Rouge d’Armani lipstick I’ve swatched. It’s the color of lip balm.

108 (“pink beige”) is sheer peach with a very subtle shimmer. It’s also pretty quiet. 525 (“sheer mauve”) is mauve-pink with subtle sparkles. 406 (“scarlatto”) is an intense, cool, cherry/pink red. It’s the shade Megan is wearing in her photo.
Armani, fall, 2011, Jacquard, Rouge d'Armani, swatches, 107, 108, 525, 406, sheer beige, pink beige, sheer mauve, scarlatto, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
I didn’t swatch it, but this collection also introduces the new Eyes to Kill Excess (Extra Volume Mascara) in Night Violet ($30, limited edition).

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  • n says:

    do you still have Rouge D’Armani 406 Scarlatto Red? I can’t find it anywhere and would love to purchase it from you if possible. or if you knew anyone who had one to sell, or where they still have it. i contacted giorgio and they said they were out. I’m devastated :-(

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