Rouge d’Armani Summer Pinks

Armani’s fall collection hasn’t arrived on counters yet, but they do have something new and summery to pique your interest (I like it when I want to wear a purchase right now, instead of in a few months).

They’ve just released six new pink shades of Rouge d’Armani lipstick ($30). Important: these six are limited edition and will not join the permanent line.
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Pink 519 is bright, warm pink (corally compared to the others here, though I wouldn’t have called it coral by itself). Pink 520 is violet/fuchsia-pink. Pink 521 is warm blossom pink. Pink 522 is raspberry pink. Pink 523 is a bright blue-pink. Comparatively, Pink 524 is more muted, less saturated, and not quite as blue.

See any you love? The Rouge d’Armani lipsticks are going to need a roundup post of their own pretty soon.

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10 Responses to “Rouge d’Armani Summer Pinks”

  • These are so beautiful! I should have just taken a chance and ordered one of these without having seen swatches instead of 503 :-(

  • Melissa says:

    I do believe there’s a pink there for everybody!

  • Meta says:

    Wow! Such cute shades!! Too bad they’re limited editions though. I want ALL of them!

  • Angelina says:

    oh! I love 519 and I’m not usually a lipstick girl. You say they’re limited? How long are the limited colors on sale for?

  • katie says:

    Thanks for the beautiful swatches karla! So these are just LE lipsticks, not part of any collection? They’re beautiful and I’ll definitely check them out but I find it odd that LE shades are released randomly.

  • Gail says:

    Thanks so much Karla. I was dying to see swatches of these!!!

  • Twelve52 says:

    Gorgeous! I’ll have all of them. Anyone feeling generous??

  • I love 524! These lipsticks are my favorite of all time! Nothing else has their lasting power. Might be running off to a counter today!

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