Dior Nail Polish Collection

This post took an unusual amount of detective work. Dior has a new display unit on counters, containing 10 polishes. I saw it at Nordstrom first, so I thought it might be a Nordstrom exclusive. But my Neiman Marcus counter said they’re expecting it, so I guess Nordstrom just put it out early for anniversary.

These 10 polishes are all repromotes, and the colors are permanent. 219 Safari Beige is actually one of the fall shades, so I didn’t swatch it here (partly because I couldn’t fit 10 pieces of tape on my arm, and partly because Dior’s fall collection will be Monday’s post).

804 Perfecto was previously part of the Nordstrom-only collection that contained Rock Coat grey/sheer-black topcoat.

When I saw 886 New World Purple, I thought it MIGHT be that old Nordstrom exclusive, Lemon Balm, renamed. It’s not. It IS Aztec Chocolate (which, for some reason, was named Violet Nouveau Monde in French, and Aztec Chocolate in English the first time it came out. Now they’ve aligned the French and English names).
Dior, nail polish, swatches, 253 Dauphine Pink, 483 Pink Kimono, 545 Psychedelic Orange, 999 Red Royalty, 671 Graphic Berry, 804 Perfecto, 853 Masai Red, 886 New World Purple, 906 Purple Revolution, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
253 Dauphine Pink is sheer, cotton candy pink with tiny silver shimmers. 483 Pink Kimono is bright, cool, flamingo pink creme. 545 Psychedelic Orange is coral creme. 999 Red Royalty is vibrant cherry red creme. 671 Graphic Berry is bougainvillea-red-fuchsia. 804 Perfecto is a dark, blackened, desaturated navy (not the same as my beloved Bond Street). 853 Masai Red is (deeper than Red Royalty) berry red creme. 886 New World Purple is a silver-purple shimmer-frost. 906 Purple Revolution is an uber-dark plum creme (almost black). SO sexy for fall. Dior polishes are $21.

Anyway, I have an OLD picture of Lemon Balm (not sure why I never published it before). If I had Lemon Balm to paint my nails today, this is not the picture I would have taken. Sure, the close-up detail is seductive, but I find further-away pictures (with a little more context) actually more useful in deciding whether I want to buy something. Hindsight, 20-20.
Dior, Lemon Balm, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Dior, Lemon Balm, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
Anyway, I tried to take the same kind of picture of New World Purple, so you can see how it’s different. New World Purple is less gritty/foil-finish. It’s more of a frost (you can see brushstrokes if you’re not careful, though it still has some shimmer to it). It’s also more silver-purple, with less brown and less gold than Lemon Balm had. I find New World Purple looks kalamata-olive-dark indoors, and quite purple in sun.
Dior, New World Purple, swatches, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar

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2 Responses to “Dior Nail Polish Collection”

  • DragonRhia says:

    loving perfecto

  • Tiffany says:

    I have New World Purple (as Aztec Chocolate) and I adore it. I might have to check out Perfecto…that’s the kind of color I love wearing in cooler weather.

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