Armani Holiday 2010, part 2

When we last looked at Armani holiday, I’d swatched three of their new Eyes to Kill Silk powder-creme-hybrid eyeshadows, three of their holiday lipsticks, and three of their new Lip Ink lipstains. I also gave you sneak peek product shots of the holiday highlighter (because my counter had received items to sell, but no tester).

At the time, I reported that there were four holiday Eyes to Kill Silk shadows (and that #14 Copper/Black Grey) was missing.

Sidebar: I believe Nordstrom’s website incorrectly identifies #15 as Copper/Black Grey.  Trust the numbers, not the names.

What I’ve deduced since then (with the aid of lead artist Tim Quinn and another Armani trainer) is that Armani decided to release just three Eyes to Kill Silk shades now. There will be a second, larger launch in spring 2011 (12 shades in all, including these three, and the missing #14).
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The “Gold Rush” holiday highlighter is $55 and limited edition. This product is an incredibly delicate shimmering veil of unbelievably tiny gold sparkles. I swatched it twice, first lightly, then heavily (just hoping to get something you could see in a picture). When I piled it on, it looks a bit white — you would never wear it that way. The low winter sun really didn’t help this photograph.

As for the previously missing Lip Ink, #4 is a bit lighter, less intense, and more sheer than #3 (but the colors are similar). The difference between lighter, sheerer #4 and more saturated #3 would be more visible in a thin single swipe, but it wouldn’t photograph as well. Think of these as layered swatches.

In one coat, the purple #1 would also be more natural (and it’s a great thing to wear under lipstick).

Lip Inks are $27.

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8 Responses to “Armani Holiday 2010, part 2”

  • Rica says:

    Hi! Karla, I remember you mentioned before in one of your blog that if you don’t like the smell of your lipstick, you can leave them for 24 hours to take out the smell. Is that true? And also, won’t it make the lipstick dry once you did it? TIA! :D

  • KarlaSugar says:

    It’s not an exact science: leave them uncapped for a day, two days (maybe up to three or four days for a very strongly fragranced lipstick. Just sniff it once a day and see if it’s “de-scented” to your satisfaction). It won’t hurt them — testers spend their whole lives uncapped.

    But Rouge d’Armani lipsticks aren’t scented.

  • Rica says:

    Thanks Karla! That helps a lot! :D Because I dislike one of my lipstick’s scent and I wanted to make sure that it won’t change the lipstick’s texture before I do something with them. Again thanks a lot! :D

  • Replica says:

    Thanks for the swatches, shade #14 of the eyes to kill shadow has been released here in the UK, so perhaps its only america its been delayed for?

  • KarlaSugar says:

    That’s an interesting twist! I wonder why they did that…?

  • connie says:

    hi karla,
    is there a unswatched eyes to kill silk shadow (#14 copper/ grey black)? You mentioned it in your other post =)

  • KarlaSugar says:

    #14 may be available in Europe, Connie, but as far as I can tell, Armani decided not to release it with the rest of the holiday collection in the U.S. I think we can expect to see it in spring (when, I hear, 12 shades of Eyes to Kill Silk shadows will be released, including the four holiday shades).

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