Fall Trend: Grey Eyeshadow

“I like that Chanel quad,” you say, “but do I already own something like it?” Great question.

Here is the Chanel Smoky Eye quad ($56), side by side with Too Faced’s Ooh & Aah ($17), Stila’s Backstage Beauty Eye Shadow Palette – The Red Carpet Look ($40), and a wide assortment of MAC shadows ($14.50 each).

According to Specktra, MAC will also be releasing a collection called “Chill” in December 2008, with four lovely, icy grey shadows… but who can wait that long?

For those interested in MAC shadow finishes:

  • Black Tied – Velvet
  • Carbon – Matte
  • Chill – Satin
  • Crystal Avalanche – Veluxe Pearl
  • Electra – Frost
  • Forgery – Lustre
  • Gesso – Matte
  • Idol Eyes – Lustre
  • Knight Divine – Veluxe Pearl
  • Nehru – Matte
  • Print – Satin
  • Scene – Satin
  • Silver Ring – Veluxe Pearl
  • Typographic – Matte²
  • Vellum – Frost
Grey Comparison: Grey, gray, Chanel, Smoky Eye Quad, Smokey, Stila, Backstage Beauty, Red Carpet Look, Too Faced, Ooh and Aah, Ooh & Aah, Ooh and Ahh, Black Tied, Carbon, Chill, Crystal Avalanche, Electra, Forgery, Gesso, White Frost, Idol Eyes, Knight Divine, Knight Devine, Nehru, Print, Scene, Silver Ring, Typographic, Vellum
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3 Responses to “Fall Trend: Grey Eyeshadow”

  • beautysleeping says:

    >Purdy. But not terribly unique, huh? Now where’s that beige Chanel quad?? BTW, if you ever need swatches of any of the LE MAC shadows I may be able to help.

  • KarlaSugar says:

    >The beige Chanel quad must be captured this weekend! :) And I would love to take you up on that offer.

  • alexandra_r_c says:

    >Your blog is the best!
    Thank you for such an extensive (but greatly needed) info :-)

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