Guest Swatcher: Lipstick Queen Black Shine

Another brilliant swatch-and-review from Glossedup. This girl is so on-trend it’s scary.
Lipstick Queen, Black Shine, black lipgloss

Black lipgloss is not over.

It enjoyed one season of revival in Fall/Winter ’09 — not a new concept then by any stretch. I bought my Lipstick Queen Black Shine gloss to pair with some opaque black lipstick, but it found another life as a lip-color mixer.

Black Shine dulls down and greys out other lip colors in interesting ways. I find it works best if I use a lip brush, stroking a SMALL amount gently over my lips and then applying lipstick on top. It’s easier to get a sheer look and this method seems to help keep coverage even.

Here’s a lip swatch Dior Peche Serum de Rouge, applied to bare lips. Below is a photo of it applied over a coat of Black Shine. From pretty bright medium pink, it turns into a greyed-out pink-mauve. Sophisticated and extremely wearable.

Black Shine will stick a little if you absolutely pile it on. Treat it like a sheer gloss and you shouldn’t have any stringy-lipgloss issues.

Black Shine is $22USD ($36AUD) for 0.494 oz (12.5 g) — a very generous size. Packaging is a screw-top clear plastic pot. If you have another black lipgloss, pass, but if you like playing with lip colors, this is a great product!

Lipstick Queen, Black Shine, swatch, black lipgloss

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3 Responses to “Guest Swatcher: Lipstick Queen Black Shine”

  • LustreBonBon says:

    me likey!

  • Eta says:

    Holy Lord. I would have never thought. MU concepts like this are my heroes.

  • Wow, I’m super envious of her lips! So gorgeous.

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