Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame

Lipstick Queen, 15 Minutes of Fame, Pop Art GlossAmazing story, readers: Lipstick Queen heard about my misunderstanding with Barney’s, got in touch with me — and sent samples of all fifteen shades of their 15 Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss, as a gesture of swatching goodwill. I’m absolutely blown away!

I hope you won’t let that keep me from telling you how impressed I am with these glosses.

I was definitely skeptical from the outset. I hate click pens, mostly because it’s so hard to dispense the right amount of product. Click-click nothing, click WOAH too much gloss. I’d also read that the 15 Minutes were nonsticky, and subliminally, I didn’t believe it. These days, companies use the descriptor “nonsticky” so blithely that it’s started to lose meaning for me.

But applying one of these to my lips was enough to make me a believer. The gloss comes out of the pen as a thick gel, which converts to a sheer, shiny gloss on your lips. Because of the thickness of the gloss, one click was enough to get me started, a second click was perfect to finish the job. I tried on 9 Minutes and it was like applying one of my favorite lipstains… in gloss form. They’re not actually staining, that’s just what the level of coverage reminded me of. The Pop Art Glosses are unscented, not the least bit sticky, and sheer cream finish (no sparkle).
Lipstick Queen, 15 Minutes of Fame, Pop Art Gloss, swatchesLipstick Queen, 15 Minutes of Fame, Pop Art Gloss, swatches
I still want to show you a few lip swatches of these (because I think the lip swatches will really add to your understanding of what they look like), and I’ll be giving the rest away — watch for that giveaway in the near future.

15 Minutes of Fame Pop Art Glosses are $16.50 each, or you can buy a set of five minis (3 Minutes, 5 Minutes, 11 Minutes, 12 Minutes, and 13 Minutes) for $28. The glosses are here to stay; the set is limited edition for holiday.

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20 Responses to “Lipstick Queen 15 Minutes of Fame”

  • C says:

    >That is so COOL!! Barneys can just stick it!!

  • makeupmag says:

    >That's incredibly sweet and generous of them. You deserve such kindness though, for your tireless swatch posts. :)

  • aisha says:

    >that's great of the company to do that! i must have 3 and 4!

  • Proximity says:

    >Lipstick Queen rocks my world. If anyone from Lipstick Queen is reading – you guys are awesome, and I love you.

  • Houston Living says:

    >#'s 1,2,3,9,10,11,12 & 13, please!!

    How cool! That is a lovely gesture. And, thanks for using the majority of the samples on your arm!!!

  • Jenn says:

    >How awesome!

    I bought the set of minis with 3,5,11,12,and 13. I've seen another set available with more nude colors as well.

  • Nicole says:

    >I'm a big fan of the brand and wish it was more widely available in the UK. Can't wait for the giveaway! :)

  • JustMe says:


  • sarasotagirl says:

    >I love Lipstick Queen with passion — but I'm not so sure the brand loves me! Where are the offerings for us muted girls who need brown in our lip colors?? Medieval, Chinatown, Butterfly Ball and these — nary a color I can wear in them.

    If any one from Lipstick Queen is reading this — hint, hint — please think about the little brown wrens when you dream up your next thing. (Sorry — the Oxymorons' formula just doesn't float my boat.) Meanwhile, I'll clutch my Nude and Berry and Time gloss and try to be patient.

    Love, SSG

  • JustMe says:

    >Do u know, where i can order them for Germany?I want to share this with my girls

  • Prime Beauty says:

    >Gorge! Which ones are your favs Karla? We usually choose the same ones. I just got some lipsticks and love 'em!

  • Meg says:

    >Oy. If only the manager at Barney's knew that yours was the arm that launched a thousand lemmings. These are so pretty!

  • BRo0Ke. says:

    >Totally agree with sarasotagirl. I really want to love the brand, but can't seem to find beige/brown or any nude shade that would look flattering on me.

    For my lips, if I want something to appear neutral pink, many times it turns out I actually have to try beigey color on. I got one of the oxymoron online based on description and was very disappointed that Deafening Silence that looks to be brown on the website turned out to be pink :(

  • Jessica says:

    >Great to know the even though she's the Queen, Poppy still keeps up with her subjects- how generous of her to send you full sizes to swatch, and, may I say: How generous of you to give them away after you're finished with them! Can't wait for the contest!

  • Catherine says:

    >Wow… these look amazing!!

    And good for her and good for you!!

  • mrprincemykal says:

    >I wish you would swatch trish mcevoy :(

  • All The Pretty Things says:

    >Ooh, Trish McEvoy is a great one to swatch! I hate the planners but I LOVE their Curling Mascara and eye shadows (and lippies)!

    And good for Lipstick Queen for sending these for you to swatch… I hope word got to Barneys (shame on them) and the manager is as embarrased as he ought to be.

  • Kyl says:

    >Wow! How amazingly generous! Thanks for the swatches.

  • Kiesha says:

    i’ll definitely have to check these out. what a beautiful array of colors. thanks for sharing the swatches.

  • Cathy says:

    I used to get these from QVC, but they discontinued. I NEED them back!
    Can you tell me where I can buy these in the US?
    thanks! cathy

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