Chantecaille, eyeshadow

Chantecaille fans, thank you for your patience — it seems information on seasonal collections can never come soon    >>

Chantecaille, eyeshadow, swatches, Peony, Perle, Opal, Shell, Sesame, Ginger, Lilac Rose, Quartz, Rose Quartz, Menthe, Lemongrass, Pyrite

Welcome to day 2 of Chantecaille's current (and paraben-free) eyeshadow offering! As I mentioned yesterday, there are 36    >>

Chantecaille, eyeshadow

Chantecaille eyeshadows are a thing of beauty. I've mentioned it before (when swatching the Bengali palette, for instance),    >>

Yesterday, we took on the first half of Chantecaille's Brilliant Glosses, luxurious, unscented, non-sticky, cushiony, comfortable lipgloss with    >>

Fellow blogger Kristina of SasquatchSwatch (who has much nicer lips than I do) has most generously allowed me    >>

Chantecaille, lipgloss, Brilliant, Gloss, tube

In addition to their potted glosses, Chantecaille makes a series of tube glosses (called Brilliant Gloss). These are    >>

Chantecaille, lipgloss, gloss, pot

Chantecaille makes lipgloss in two forms. The tube-gloss with the brush wand is called Brilliant Gloss, and the    >>

Chantecaille continues in its philanthropic vein*, with the release of its spring collection, La Baleine (the whale). Sidebar:    >>

Chantecaille's holiday offering this year was the Bengali Collection, a charitable follow-up to their Protected Paradise palettes. 5%    >>

Without much fanfare — without any fanfare at all, actually — Chantecaille quietly created five more of their    >>

Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturizer should be the lightest of the brand's foundations, but I actually thought it    >>

Chantecaille Aquablush is a cooling, lightweight, cream, stick blush ($42). According to the Neiman Marcus website, it provides    >>

I should have known that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm afraid my last post    >>

Chantecaille's Real Skin Foundation is the most unbelievably blendable cream foundation, available in SPF 15 ($58) and SPF    >>

Just a few more colors from Chantecaille's extensive lipstick offering. I really appreciate that shades with "food" names    >>