Chantecaille Coral Reefs Makeover with Fernando Cadavid

Chantecaille, Coral Reefs, Fernando CadavidI’ve never really harbored longstanding crushes on movie stars. I don’t swoon for musicians. But, it seems, I do fall in love with makeup artists (which surely reveals some kind of deep-rooted narcissism).

I recently had my first-ever makeover with Chantecaille’s charming, adorable, extremely knowledgeable, and sublimely talented Fernando Cadavid. Yes, readers, I might, maybe, have a crush on him. He just made me look so good.

Mr. Cadavid was an architect who found his real passion as a makeup artist. He also spent years trying product after product to clear up his own problem skin. His relationship with the Chantecaille brand began — as a customer — after a few friends and celebrity clients recommended their skincare products, which he now swears by. He subsequently met the Chantecailles and, a few years down the road, when they were looking to create a Global Makeup Artist position, the stars aligned and he joined the brand professionally.

Mr. Cadavid is the artist who does Olivia Chantecaille’s makeup in all the promotional photos. She always looks great, so my only request was that we use the current collection. “I’ll give you the same look I did for her,” he said.

I tend to do my makeup in a rather complicated way: lid color, crease color, outer V, inner corner, contouring, etc. —Probably because I know how, so I feel obligated to use all my tricks, every time. Fernando’s makeover was amazingly simple, and served as a great reminder that looking pretty can be easy.

Chantecaille Coral Reef face chartFernando started with a bit of foundation as eyeshadow base (lids only, from lashline to crease). Then he applied Pink Pearl from the Coral Reefs palette from lashline to brow. Then he applied Reef on the lid (from lashline to crease, light hand, relatively fluffy brush for a soft application).

I sometimes apply my shadow with a light hand or a fluffier brush, but then I worry that I can’t see it, so I go back and add more. This was a good reminder to have faith: by the time I have liner and mascara on, it’s going to look good.

Fernando applied Espresso Gel Liner Pencil on the top lid, keeping close to the lashline. Then he set the liner with Driftwood eyeshadow, blending with an angled eyeliner brush. He swept the eyeshadow up into a really subtle cat-eye type flick at the outer corner, which was much softer than a similar maneuver with eyeliner (and was a really soft look for me, compared to my normal technique). This face chart was digitally colored in by me; click here to see a similar breakdown on Chantecaille’s website.

He used Chantecaille’s new Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara (which is supposed to give you a 25% increase in volume and length within two weeks of use). Everyone I’ve talked to who’s tried this mascara adores it, but I’m still suffering sticker shock: it’s $70.

He used FutureSkin foundation in Porcelain (my favorite!). I’d never really played with their brush before, but the Chantecaille foundation brush is surprisingly small — approximately the width of your thumb. I asked about that (wouldn’t it make application slower/more difficult?), but Fernando said he likes the smaller head. He said a bigger brush soaks up (and wastes) more product.

He also used Total Concealer in Alabaster under my eyes (Total Concealer has more coverage, but no treatment. Chantecaille’s BioDynamic Lifting Concealer contains anti-aging ingredients, but offers a little less coverage).

He swept Coral blush from the Coral Reefs palette onto my cheeks. Then he lined my lips with Natural lipliner, then applied Sunrise Lip Chic and Lucky gloss. Click here to see the breakdown on Chantecaille’s website.

The most striking thing (after he was done, and I was admiring myself in every reflective surface in Neiman Marcus’s cosmetics department): I couldn’t believe how much I really looked like the promo photo. It often seems so difficult to get an honest/accurate answer as to what products were used to achieve a particular look. But this time I have no doubts.

If you get a chance to meet (or get your makeup done by) Mr. Cadavid, I highly recommend it. I’ll definitely be trying this look again at home.

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9 Responses to “Chantecaille Coral Reefs Makeover with Fernando Cadavid”

  • Chiara says:

    Very good job! You look very radiant :-)

  • Gail says:

    Just gorgeous Karla!

  • Estelle says:

    Karla, that look is fabulous for you!

  • Shannon says:

    when i bought FutureSkin fdnt for myself, the SA who did my colormatching also said the same thing about the brush. i was expecting more like normal fdnt brush size, but she recommended a much smaller one that’s stiffer too (the Ecotools fdnt brush I think ended up working well for me since it’s smaller than average fdnt brush and firmer), and i think part of the reason is because futureskin’s a water based gel fdnt? bigger/flatter fdnt brush seemed to give me streaks easily.

    also oddly enough, my ecotools works great at applying it but my Shiseido #131 magic brush somehow soaks it up like no man’s business. i also can’t seem to find anywhere what kind of fiber the Shi 131 is (synthetic or natural hair). i’m wondering if maybe natural hair would soak it up more

  • katie says:

    gorgeous! what color, may I ask, do you have on your brows?

  • Christine says:

    I love this look! You looks radiant and fresh-faced!

  • lola says:

    Wow, this is absolutely stunning on you, Karla! Just gorgeous!

  • joyce says:

    What a wonderful job he did, you look so natural and glowing! I love the peachy/coral colors.

  • Jean says:

    I too have recently had the pleasure of Fernando doing my makeup at a Chantecaille promotion at Mecca Cosmetica. He truly is a wizard..I loved the simplicity of the look and his gorgeous manner.

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