Guerlain Shine Automatique

When I first heard that Guerlain was coming out with a companion formula to their Rouge Automatique (which I love), I was worried. When I heard the shades were shimmery, I was relieved — perhaps I would not feel compelled to buy all of them.

I tried 240 Pamplelune on at the counter and it’s much less sparkly on the lips than it looks on your hand. The formula feels marvelous, and the colors are fairly subtle. I think of these as an easy, effortless, brightening, single-product summer lip. Like their Rouge Automatique counterparts, Shine Automatiques are $35 eachicon.
Guerlain, Shine Automatique, swatches, 200 Sous Le Vent, 201 Vague Souvenir, 202 Mi-Mai, 220 Pour Troubler, 221 Rouge de Damas, 240 Pamplelune, 260 Jardin de Bagatelle, 261, Rose Imperial, 262 Extrait de Rose, 263 A La Parisienne, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
200 Sous Le Vent is a muted, warm, browned rose with a few, tiny, multicolored sparkles. 201 Vague Souvenir is a warm apricot-brown. “Vague Souvenir” sounded so funny in English I looked up what it meant in French. Souvenir is memory. Well that makes sense.

202 Mi-Mai is a soft, muted warm pink (lighter than Sous Le Vent) with silver sparkles. 220 Pour Troubler is a cherry pink-red with gold sparkles. 221 Rouge de Damas is a warm red-rose-pink with blue-silver sparkles. 240 Pamplelune is a sheer, warm, strawberry-candy jelly-pink with gold sparkles. 260 Jardin de Bagatelle is a very sheer pale grapefruit-pink with gold sparkles. 261 Rose Imperial is a sweet, cool, rose-candy pink with pink sparkles. 262 Extrait de Rose is a cooler, more vibrant, blue-pink (a gentle fuchsia) with silver sparkles. 263 A La Parisienne is a warm strawberry red-pink with pink and gold sparkles.

I couldn’t fit all 12 shades on my arm, so here are the 260s all together:
Guerlain, Shine Automatique, swatches, 260 Jardin de Bagatelle, 261 Rose Imperial, 262 Extrait de Rose, 263 A La Parisienne, 264 Rose Pompon, 265 Pao Rosa, KarlaSugar, Karla Sugar
264 Rose Pompon is a sheer (purple) wine with pink and silver sparkles. 265 Pao Rosa is a red-berry-wine with pink sparkles.

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6 Responses to “Guerlain Shine Automatique”

  • Colleen says:

    I have two of these and absolutely love them! They are just beautiful. I have Rose Imperial (which pulls a bit warmer on me than you, no clue why as you are warmer than I am) and Pao Rosa. They are sheer, but build up so beautifully. Love, love, love. I want La Parisienne after seeing your swatch!

  • Ruth says:

    I bought A La Parisienne & Pamplelune. I exchanged them at Sephora because they were both far too sheer for me.

  • wendy says:

    hi karla!!!! i’ll have to go back and try these out again…i had tested chanel’s rouge coco shine envouge and wiped it off and applied these….how would you compare these to chanel’s rouge coco shine?? i’m having some issues with chanel’s…dryness and wearability. would you rate these the same, different? the sale’s associate said in natalia’s picture she’s wearing gloss on top. i thought that was the point of these and rouge coco shines…you don’t need gloss, they shine for themselves???!! xo.

  • joyce says:

    Thanks for being such a great resource, Karla! I bought Extrait de Rose and Pao Rosa after seeing your swatches, and love them both.

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