Guerlain Shine Automatique Makeup Breakdown

Guerlain, Shine Automatique, Natalia VodianovaIf you’ve seen the display for Guerlain’s new Shine Automatique lipstick, you may have wondered which shade model Natalia Vodianova is wearing. Fortunately, I have answers! She’s wearing 263 A La Parisienne (swatched here).

She’s also wearing Meteorites Pearls Primer, Lingerie de Peau Compact 03 Beige Naturel, Terracotta Light 01 Blondes, Noir G Mascara, eyeshadow quad 08 Les Perles, and eye pencil 01 Khol Me Black.

Guerlain has featured Natalia exclusively for the last few years… how do you feel about this look, compared to others she’s sported for the brand?

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4 Responses to “Guerlain Shine Automatique Makeup Breakdown”

  • Colleen says:

    Is it just me or do her eyes look a bit wonky? Almost like it was an “off” shot.

  • Sandoz says:

    Colleen, I agree. She’s a beauty, obviously, but I don’t care for the eye makeup here. It looks messy. I also really wish they’d cleaned up her brows a bit.

  • wendy says:

    hi karla!! i am a big fan of yours, this is an amazing website that’s really helpful. this is my first time commenting. beauty indeed is in the eyes of the beholder. in my opinion, and that is underlined many times, i applaud guerlain for using a model over the age of 25! if i read correctly, natalia is 30. you also have to know some background about this model, guerlain should have some kind of press release about her. i feel she looks much younger.she’s very interesting especially in her philanthropy work. when you read the description of these new lip products, it is described for the fun, flirty girl….i think guerlain displays that “feeling” in the picture. i really love the look. for pale girls, this is a great option, i feel, for a spring/summer look. i think the eye quad is versatile with all the new lippies. they’ve been showing “unruly” brows..suppose to be a younger, fashionable look….well, i gave my opinion…xoxo to you karla!!! thanks for posting this!

  • Bibi (@idi8ibi) says:

    The styling is horrible. She reminds me of my early party years; when I’d neglect washing my makeup off and wake up with smeared eye liner!
    Love your blog, though. I live for your swatches–good work!

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